How Flavio Maluf is spearheading environmental conservation at Eucatex

The environment is the most critical resource to humanity which is why It is essential for businesses to operate sustainably. The good news is that as we advance further into the future, many companies are recognizing the essence of corporate responsibility and are continuously coming up with ideas and projects that enable them to be sustainable. Eucatex, a company led by Flavio Maluf is an excellent example of such businesses.

How Eucatex operates

For the last five decades, Eucatex under the leadership of Flavio Maluf has been setting the pace for other businesses in Brazil through the production and distribution of environmentally friendly products. The company is named after the eucalyptus tree and uses the tree as the primary raw material of all its products. Some of its products include wood fiber sheets, MDP panels, and varnishes. To ensure that Eucatex remains environmentally friendly, Flavio Maluf spearheaded the firm’s reforestation project a few years after the company was established. This way, he created a win-win situation for both Eucatex and Mother Nature. On the one hand, his company is assured of a stable source of raw materials and achieves sustainability while, on the other hand, the environment benefits because for each Eucalyptus tree cut down, the company plants two. See more on Wikipedia.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a prominent entrepreneur based in Brazil. He was born in a highly influential political family in Brazil, and despite his affluent background, Maluf stands out for carving out his success through hard work and determination instead of relying on what his family owns. Flavio pursued a mechanical engineering degree but soon switched to BA when he realized that his desire was to become a full-time business person. Apart from Eucatex, today Flavio currently leads a series of businesses in the country such as Grand food. Read more:

Paul Herdsman’s Secret To Successful Employees

Paul Herdsman has been a successful entrepreneur for quite some time with several success stories. The most prominent of these has been NICE Global, a Jamaica-based customer service company. The company has been growing steadily for the past several years and has been working with a variety of U.S companies. Herdsman has been behind the majority of this success, being the company’s founder and serving as its COO since it was launched. Prior to this, he developed quite a considerable amount of expertise when it comes to customer service and its related aspects.

Chief among these have been customer retention, customer satisfaction, human resources and much more. Throughout this time, Paul Herdsman has also developed a reputation for the extensive amount of support that he provides to NICE Global’s staff. While this is something that came naturally to him, it’s set him apart from many of his competitors. This may have been one of the primary driver’s of the company’s success in the past few years, however. During this time, he’s invested a significant amount of resources into each employee, ensuring that they have the support needed to do their job effectively.

Not only has this meant that customers are left with a positive experience, but it has helped reflect positively on NICE Global’s customers. Perhaps one of the more important aspects of this has been an extensive amount of training for employees. Paul Herdsman has noted that employee support shouldn’t stop there, however. He’s noted that supporting employees is one of the primary factors in ensuring they’re comfortable with the decisions they make daily. Through this, Paul Herdsman notes that their confidence can grow as their skills improve. This also allows them to more effectively, and efficiently, make decisions on a regular basis while also letting them know that they’re making the right decision with each customer.

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Vinod Gupta and the Information Revolution

History is a story of countless success stories. Each and every generation has its individuals who raise to the top to meet the needs of the general population. Vinod Gupta is a modern day business man who is a classic example of this timeless tail. He was was born in India and obtained his higher education in the United States of America. He most famous for taking a single $100 loan and growing his a multi-million dollar company empire. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Vinod Gupta describes how a single idea changed the world.

His story begins upon graduating from the University of Nebraska. As a fresh college graduate, he was the perfect choice for the local mobile home company Commodore Corporation. They needed an individual who could conduct hours of research on their behalf. They wanted a list of companies who would be interested in their products, and thus Vinod Gupta had to compile this list from scratch. This was the era before the internet, and collective information was hard to come by. It was this market need that inspired Vinod Gupta to create a new information distribution company. The company was named InfoGROUP, and their mission was to make information for accessible to businesses and consumers alike.

Vinod Gupta has always kept his eyes on the long term potential of company and the industry. He become interested in how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can affect the ways in which consumers receive information. He recently sold off InfoGROUP to create a new business named Everest Group. Instead of molding the industry directly, Vinod Gupta choose to let the next generation take the lead. He is a man who forged his own success from a single idea. The world has advanced quite a ways in recent years.

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OSI Group Has Been Partnered With The McDonald’s Corporation For Decades

OSI Group is easily one of the world’s leading food processing and distribution companies out there today. Not only are they a massive corporation, but they are environmentally friendly and have high standards for food safety and handling at every facility. The success of OSI didn’t come overnight. In fact, OSI is a corporation that was founded more than 100 years ago by a man that had just moved over to the United States from Germany. It took a lot of hard work and decades of time, but OSI eventually beat out all of their competition in their region and then the country. Sheldon Lavin is one of the major figures that has played a role in the success of OSI Group today and he has been with the organization for more than forty years.

Since the rise of OSI Group, they have always maintained high standards for their facilities as well as their equipment. OSI has always used the latest technology and methods for all of their food processing and distribution around the world. This is precisely why they managed to form a contract with McDonald’s since they were chosen for their quality and dependability. Since OSI Group has become a massive food processing company, they have gone on to supply many different corporations, small and large, with their products. This includes well-known companies like Subway as well as single family owned businesses.

Before OSI Group became a huge corporation with facilities all over the world, they used to limit themselves to just meat products, such as beef, steaks, sausage, ribs, and many others. While they are a leading supplier of premium meats to fine restaurants all over the world, they now provide a wide variety of food products to their customers. OSI has roughly 65 facilities spread out across 17 different nations to keep up with their demands around the world. Operating all of these facilities takes more than 2000 employees as of 2018 and this number is still growing as OSI continues to expand.

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Doe Deere: Fashionista CEO

There’ve been many makeup brands that have come and gone. Many that just couldn’t hack the retail space due to stronger, more efficient competitors.

Then, you have “Lime Crime”, a fashionista brand that has been coming up through the years. Originally founded in 2008, the upstart brand headed by charismatic founder Doe Deere is going places fast. In addition to “Lime Crime”, Doe (originally born Xenia Vorotova) is also the head of Poppyangeloff, her fashion brand.

Doe is diversifying her makeup and fashion portfolio and consumers are taking note. The rise in popularity says much about her growing influence in the fashion industry.

Raised in Russia, she was poor as a child. But, she vowed that one day, she would move to the land of dreams, America. Her faith took her to the promised land when she was 17. That’s when Doe’s whole world changed. The possibilities were endless—and she knew it.

She and her family touched down in New York City—their new home . And, it couldn’t have fit her go-getter mentality any better. Doe flourished and succeeded in one of the biggest fashion markets in the world, the Big Apple. If you can make it here, you know the rest.

Needless to say, Doe’s brands have been growing exponentially in popularity with every passing. The cutthroat environment in NY did not deter her. Quite the opposite, they fueled the burning flame.

No more would she have to wait in line at the local church for free dinner. She was now making it on her own and excelling beyond her wildest expectations.

Doe’s modesty shines through as she credits her hard upbringing to making her the successful woman she is today. As her company grows in popularity, Doe continues to expand her vision of styling the world. Her story is an inspiration to young and old that no matter how hopeless it seems, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Taking an In Depth Look at Michael Hagele’s Career

This will give information surrounding Michael Hagele. Hagele performs service for many companies of technology as senior outside counsel. An example includes development and research firms giving services of consulting, technology, and design. It also has companies giving products in the industries of biotechnology, aerospace, electronic, and internet. He also puts money in the industries of hospitality and restaurants.

Before Michael Hagele did what he does now he was a general counsel. He performed that job for many venture capital backed Internet companies. That is where he was in charge of every legal affair like corporate governance, employment issues, merger and acquisition activity, stock option plan administration, and intellectual property strategy. In the job before that he worked at Fenwick & West LLP offices from Silicon Valley placed in the Licensing and Online Commerce group. Read more about Michael at

The idea for this company has come from knowledge he has as a counsel from in-house as well as out-side. It has shown him that’s smaller firms or sole practitioners can give different legal services in frequent ways. For example, legal services that are effective of cost and high quality. Also, his ideas are brought to life by the factor of tenacity or not giving up. The greatest results usually are morphing out of a procedure based out of challenging assumptions, and integrating new opportunities and information as they become obtainable.

Michael Hagele has used social media as a strategy in increasing his business. To him it is a great way in making a connection with customers. He doesn’t like overdoing it but to him it is a helpful way to have a dialogue that regards the services and products. Also, in web services and software he uses a combination of the web offerings of Google and MS Office. However, his favorite one would be Strava. He feels it’s the best way to form a connection people who think the same. Finally, In his college years he attended the University of California located in Berkeley. This is where he got his J.D. He also went to the University of Iowa where he got his A.D.



Ted Bauman’s Defensive Approach to Investing

The US equities market has been in a strong bull market for almost ten years. While many on Wall Street see more room for gains, one financial analyst Ted Bauman believes there are equal odds for a stock market crash or a continued bull market. He has recently written that investors should look to preserving their wealth. Mr. Bauman is an economist and not what you would call a normal stock analyst. His experience as an economist enables him to have a broader view of the markets. He has worked for Banyan Hill since 2013 and serves as the editor of the Bauman Letter. Wealth preservation is a major focus for Ted Bauman and he recently wrote an article in which he gives common sense advice to those looking to maintain their current level of wealth.

Unlike finding the next hot growth story, Ted Bauman promotes a defensive approach to investing. He believes that a common mistake that many investors make is they try to shoot for a home run and make the largest possible gains in as little time as possible. He believes that investors who choose strategies to protect their capital will outperform individuals in the long run who don’t take the defensive stance in investing.

Ted Bauman also pointed out that a defensive investor will invest not only in stocks but in bonds as well. Investing in bonds is like dividend investing, the investor relies on interest payments as a stream of revenue. Many investors ignore bonds because they may not understand them, or they may choose to stay in the more glamorous growth stocks. He explains that bonds can be a cushion for an investor’s portfolio in times of a stock market crash, which is why it is prudent that a portfolio is properly diversified with both stocks and bonds. Whether or not we see a crash in the equity markets in the near future, the advice that Ted Bauman gives his readers will enable them to not be caught off guard if the unexpected in the markets were to happen.

Jeunesse’s ZEN Project 8

Apart from producing skin care products, Jeunesse offers healthy lifestyle guides and ZEN Project 8 is a perfect example of such products. ZEN Project 8 is a simplified healthy lifestyle guide that teaches you vital habits for living a healthy lifestyle including weight management tips. This is an 8-week course that guides you on how to use premium ZEN products from Jeunesse in 3 easy-to-follow phases.

In addition, the program includes ongoing support from fellow participants and expert coaching. When it comes to reprogramming your body, it is never easy to stay on your plan but this guide from Jeunesse is quite realistic and simple. This is a complete toolkit that will ensure that you achieve your weight management goals and live a healthy life.

Phase 1 of the 8-week course is the detoxification phase where one is expected to lose the bloat. The second phase is referred to as the ignition phase that involves melting of the belly. The third phase of this course is the Thrive phase were one is expected to live their life.

The ZEN Project 8 program is supposed to transform your life by ensuring that you have a healthy and fit body. The program was designed in collaboration with a fitness expert known as Mark Macdonald. Apart from helping you to burn fat, the program helps one to increase energy and at the same time build muscles. With proper lifestyle habits and nutrition, it is possible to manage your weight.

The ZEN project 8 program offers world-class motivation, coaching tips, and weekly webinars that are important in taking your health to the next level. Apart from simple daily meal plans, the program guides you on how to optimize your portion sizes and results. In addition, the ZEN products help when it comes to building muscles, burning fat, and curbing appetite.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a manufacturing company that specializes in skin care products and natural health products. The Florida-based company was established in 2009 and has since then grown into a well known global brand. The company has a wide range of skin care product lines, supplements, as well as health, and weight management programs.

Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform Protects Assets through Tokenization

Tokenization gives sensitive data a unique symbol of identification. Under the revolutionary WAX Platform pioneered by OPSkins and President Malcolm CasSelle, tokenization enables users to protect digital assets. It also allows users of the new P2P network to market such asset for instantaneous purchase and sell their wares without even having leave their screen. WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), a decentralized marketplace and P2P network, is heralded by many as the future of cryptocurrency. Using blockchain-enabled widgets, the market provides freedom from fragmentation and fraud, and allows frictionless selling. It is the current project for CasSelle, who has been at the forefront of the digital world for decades.

Starting back in the 90’s within the confines of the dial up age, CasSelle was a founder, leader, and top executive for numerous companies in the digital spectrum. A graduate of MIT with a bachelor’s in Computer Sciences, and a master’s from Stanford for the same major, CasSelle’s experience is primarily in digital transactions. Currently he serves as CIO for OPSkins, but before that he was CEO of Timeline Labs, Senior Vice President and GM for SeaChange International Inc., as well as CTO and President of new ventures for Tronc Inc. CasSelle co-founded NetNoir, the first outside company to gain acceptance into the AOL Greenhouse Program.

WAX is the solution to the geographic fragmentation problem plaguing the decentralized market concept. If a user conducts business on a platform without using a utility token, they cannot deal with users using different digital denomination. After all Bitcoin is only one form of cryptocurrency. In order to deal in varying types of currency there has to be middle management. WAX tokenization makes cryptocurrency common, so a middleman is not needed. Using blockchains outfitted with DPOS algorithms, WAX P2P network is faster, decentralized, flexible, safe, and efficient.

Malcom CasSelle is also an advisor and mentor for individual and companies interested in Bitcoins. He was an early investor in the Bitcoin market, as well as Facebook. He is a graduate from MIT and Stanford with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Computer Sciences.