Where Is The Wisdom In Philip Diehl’s Podcast On The US Money Reserve?

Philip Diehl appeared on a podcast about investment options for the average American, and the podcast was dedicated to his career in currency production. Currency production was Philip’s business when he ran the US Mint, and he used his retirement from public service as an opportunity to work in the private sector. This article explains what the US Money Reserve does, why gold coins are useful and how to invest in them wisely.

#1: Gold Coins Are Produced Every Day At US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve is a fully-functioning mint that produces gold coins in a variety of weights, styles and sizes. The coins are created with design as their primary draw, but collectors may purchase the coins in anticipation of their value rising. The coins may be sold if that is the goal, but there are quite a few customers at the US Money Reserve who are building collections that may encompass hundreds of coins.

#2: What Is A Collection’s Value?

A gold coin collection has a value defined by the market value of gold. Philip purchases gold to create his coins, and he creates coins that have a high probability of retaining their value. He makes proper selections for US Money Reserve based on gold’s value, and he creates coins that will have staying power on the market. A collection’s value may become cash at the time of the sale, or the coins may become family heirlooms that are not sold for quite some time.

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#3: Why Does Gold Provide Stability?

The average collector finds quite a bit of stability in gold coins simply due to their existence in the collection. Someone who may keep a large collection will hold the coins because they do not plan on selling. The coins become a sense of pride, but the collector may pass the coins on to family who choose to sell. The choice is purely up to the members of the family when they believe the coins must be sold. The price of gold is stable enough to ensure a family of a fine profit once the coins sell.

Philip believes in currency production and coin investments because he has focused on coins for the balance of his career. He spent quite a lot of time at the US Mint working on new coin productions, and he lends his hand to the US Money Reserve for the same purpose.

Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-usmr/