Neuroscience’s Modern Day “Good Guy” Dr. Jorge Moll

Centuries ago man could only dream of the medical advances we currently have in the world today, Dr. Jorge Moll MD, PhD., is one of many progressive neurologists who is making it their business to transform the world for the greater good of mankind. Moll, has focused most of his research on an individual’s moral cognition and social behaviors, particularly, what happens to our brains when we do good for others. Dr. Jorge Moll, and his team have studied the brains of volunteers suggesting that when we do good for others, we feel good ourselves while “damaged” or otherwise unhealthy brains convey different and undesirable results. Dr. Jorge Moll in his work has shown tremendous dedication, passion and will. His determination and life’s work is to improve overall healthcare standards for all (Interview) .

Changing the world is not an easy job, though Dr. Jorge Moll has gallantly accepted this challenge, he faces opposition by some of his colleagues in the field of neuroscience along with other scientific publications. Moll has expressed himself to be a progressive and skillful scientist with innovative ideas, but as we know, not all progressive ideas are welcomed with open arms. Dr. Jorge Moll, who founded, and is head of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education maintains his stance on cognitive behaviors and its relation to improving our way of life for the better. He and is team has set out to change the standards of medical care with better accessibility.

We can all take a page out of Dr. Jorge Moll’s book of ambition, for he is the epitome of what a true “Good Guy” is. His intentions for the advancement and betterment of all people is pure and genuine, it is safe to say that his contribution to science has a lot to do with leaving the world a better place than he had found it. We can all hope that the opposition he faces does not deter his research and we can hope to reap the benefits that is to come because of the medical advancements of the great Dr. Jorge Moll, MD, PhD.