Dr. Johann Rand’s Programs Deal With Weight Gain and Aging

Dr. Johann Rand of West Orange, New Jersey at the Healthy Medical Center is dedicated to help his patients fight weight gain and the aging process.

Dr. Rand learned from his training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York on how to make a wellness program that will use IV nutrient therapies and other solutions to help people to lose weight and to stop the aging process. Each program is custom designed for each individual and serves what exactly they need. Each program could possibly bring back a person’s health, stop sickness, restore a person’s energy and to deal with aging. These programs should make a person happy as they help them deal with aging conditions.

Dr. Rand and his medical center are able to deal with the unique problems that women face. They have found creative approaches to the symptoms that accompany menopause like mood swings, hot flashes and anxiety. Dr. Rand has developed programs that can deal with the problems that menopause causes such as weight gain, depression, the rising of blood pressure and an unfocused mind. One of his programs should deal with the issues that women face after menopause so women should give his unique programs a chance.

One of Dr. Ran’s programs is an HCG diet program. This program comes from his study of the hormone that females produce when they are pregnant. The purpose of this hormone is to feed the fetus while it is developing. Tests have proven that this hormone can stop a person’s muscles from deteriorating if they make it a part of their diets. Dr. Dov Rand will recommend this program to patients who want to get fast results. This HCG program can help a person lose as much as a half a pound to a full pound a day. They lose this weight without having too much hunger pains.

Dr. Rand has programs for men and women that can help them deal with diet and aging issues.