Oren Frank on Why Online Therapy Is Very Beneficial To A lot of Clients

 Oren Frank is CEO and founder of the company Talkspace. He has used his platform to talk about the advantages of online therapy for quite some time now. We sat down to speak with Oren about his views on why online therapy, including Talkspace, is more beneficial than most people realize. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.


According to Oren Frank, it is perfect for people who live in remote areas. Some people cannot get to a physical location for therapy. Their mental health issues suffer due to this inconvenience. That is why places like Talkspace are a great alternative for those who live in remote areas who do not have access to the other conveniences most do.


We have found, according to Oren Frank, there are a lot of clients who have physical disabilities. They are either in wheelchairs or homebound for some health issue. That is what makes this situation perfectly. The clients can go online to Talkspace and speak with a professional therapist who can give them the help they need. There are a lot of inbound patients who suffer from severe mental health issues. They can get the same benefits of going to into an office as they can be sitting at a computer.


Most remote access plans, including Talkspace, offer convenient payment plans and pricing. Some places you have to pay $100 a pop for a visit that is less than an hour. According to Oren Frank, that can turn people off in a big way. That is why Talkspace was founded as an alternative. The information is also more accessible.

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Why Talkspace Is Becoming a Better Alternative to In-Person Therapy Services

Text-based therapy has been around for a while now. Despite this, the idea of mental health patients using text-based therapy during their sessions with various therapists is still an ongoing contentious topic. Fact-based evidence and data from some of the pundits backing the use of text-based therapy show that text-based therapy has its efficacy.

Despite its effectiveness, there is a section of individuals who are questioning if its efficiency is effective as in-person therapy. Whatever the case, numerous individuals are on the same page that in-person therapy sessions are often not realistic. Accessing therapists can be a challenge in some counties when compared to others.

Individuals in need of in-person therapy services in countries like America are at a better position to access the services of a therapist as compared to individuals living abroad. One such example is Thailand. If you are in Thailand, you will find it challenging to access in-person therapy services, especially in English. Check out this article of talkspace at bustle.com

Michelle, a freelancer currently residing in Sri Lanka explains her challenges finding quality in-person therapy during her stay in Thailand. The lack of quality in-person therapy services offered in English made her opt for Talkspace’s services.

For those who don’t know, Talkspace is an online therapy app that offers mental ill patients or individuals undergoing depression with app-based therapy services either through video chat or via text. Michelle’s case is not unique as it explains some of the reasons opting for Talkspace’s services made sense as compared to seeking the services of a therapist an individual has to meet in person.

The healthcare industry is undergoing various challenges both in America and abroad. There are many reported instances in which individuals can’t afford medical care since their medical cover or insurance is not supported.

There are also millions of people around the world who can’t afford to pay for in-person therapy services as they tend to be expensive since patients are often billed by the hour. Talkspace objective is to remove the obstacles that hinder access to quality therapy services. One advantage of using Talkspace is its fixed billing that enables patients to know how much they will be paying or the apps services with packages starting at a minimum of$49 a week.

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Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is one of the partners of the Sussex based firm called Sussex Health Care Limited. He is also a founding partner and Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP. Mr. Shiraz is the managing director and partner at The Splendid Hotels Group. Moreover, Boghani is excellently connected with the largest funders of Europe. As a manager, Boghani oversees hotel programs and single resource deals of the Sojourn Hotels where he leads as the firm’s founding partner.

Recently, Shiraz Boghani was given an award at the Asian Awards 2016 ceremony. In this event, Shiraz Boghani received the honorable award for the Hotelier of the Year. Shiraz won the award as a result of his remarkable performance for the over 30 years that he has been in the hospitality industry. Presently, Mr. Boghani manages over 19 trading hotels and restaurants that he owns in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani will remain in records for being among the first hoteliers to start and develop limited service branded restaurants and hotels to London in the 20th century. He utilizes his dynamic entrepreneurial knowledge, accountancy, and passion for establishing and running successful hotels in the United Kingdom. Read more about Shiraz Boghani on Crunchbase.

One of his recent projects includes the launch of an exciting Hilton London Backside that is worth 121 million euros. The newly established stylish hotel is located in the vibrant backside of London. Moreover, Boghani has other large hotels under his name that include The Grand Hotel& Spa, The Conrad London St. James, Holiday Inn London, and York. Additionally, Boghani is a known supporter of The Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network International. The Aga Khan Foundation is the United Kingdom certified charity program.

Commenting on his award-winning, Mr. Shiraz Boghani said that he was honored to receive the prestigious award. He continued that hotels are part of his excellent business life. He maintained that he was genuinely excited to have won the award and was proud of the significant progress showed by the group. He went on to thank the entire of the Splendid fraternity saying that their supportive nature counted much of the things that allowed him to receive the award.

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The $3 Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Industry Has Hurdles To Overcome According To Healthcare IT Entrepreneur Drew Madden

The United States spends more than $9,200 per person every year on healthcare. That’s three times more than other developed countries spend. Healthcare, and who pays for it, is one of the most controversial topics in the U.S. Congress today, and there’s no real solution in sight. Most entrepreneurs don’t jump into the healthcare debacle because they don’t how to tackle the issue. And the reason they don’t know how to tackle the issue is the complexities in the industry prevent them from taking a clear-cut path to solving this mess.

But there several entrepreneurs who focus on healthcare solutions, and Drew Madden is one of them. Madden is Healthcare IT entrepreneur, and he is on a mission to build experienced healthcare teams that can tackle issues like the ups and downs dealing with electronic medical records. Electronic medical records can improve the quality of healthcare, and they also make healthcare function more efficiently. But not all healthcare providers have access to a patient’s current medical records. Making patient medical records more accessible to all those who care for patients is a quest that makes sense. The government threw in $6.5 billion in incentives while Obama was president, to alleviate the confusion and the mix-ups in medical records, but the smooth distribution of accurate electronic medical records is still a serious issue.

Drew Madden is a leader in the quest to troubleshoot, optimize and eliminate the challenges inherent in electronic medical records platforms. During his six years with Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden built the largest Epic consulting company in the industry. Epic implementation services monitor risks and implementation services also include incorporating different mitigation strategies into the healthcare project plans. Epic services also establish a better communication process so appropriate adjustments are better understood.

Mr. Madden has a University of Iowa College of Engineering Industrial Engineering degree with a focus in Medical Systems. Madden has experience working with United Healthcare subsidiary Ingenix and the Cerner Corporation. And he is one of the managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Evergreen provides advisory services for electronic medical records platforms.