Greg Secker the Great Forex Guru

Greg Secker is a famous master trader, philanthropist, entrepreneur and an international public speaker who has been respected for his ability to balance those capabilities. He has been on the frontline fighting and working for better governance and has also worked day and night towards ensuring that he achieves his lifetime dreams. At his twenties, he was a very big multi-millionaire. He is a proud forex trader and a trainer who has numerously achieved in the financial services field. He is the owner of the leading forex coaching company in the whole of Europe. He is always passionate about helping people become better traders. So far he is believed to have helped over 200,000 learn to trade forex and today, they are doing excellently well and can generate profits.

Greg Secker began his career at a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services whereby he was employed as a coding expert. He later joined another field of business called Virtual Trading Desk (VTD) which was the first online trading platform. This enabled customers to receive trading quotes which would help them trade professionally.His career started picking at the age of only 25 years where he happened to be the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. At the company, he was lucky to have had a chance to have traded with some of the best traders in the world. He developed a lot of experience at the company, and his passion for trading started to grow. Greg started testing their strategies using his own risked money, and after growing his trading account, he had to leave and start trading independently. At the living room, he set up a trading platform whereby he would spend his time trading.

Greg Secker after trading for a while from the house decided to start looking for company. He started attending seminars and with time developed the art of public speaking. He established a company called Learn to Trade which has performed well over the last few years. The company has been able to train so many people which he says that he started by trying his close friends and family members who to date remains his best clients.