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JHSF/Jose AuriemoNeto – How Real Estate Development Process Works

Are you wondering how things work in the real estate field? Perhaps you are interested in starting a real estate business and not sure which field suits you best. Real estate is a highly profitable business and many firms and individual investors have accumulated vast fortunes in this industry. An expert like Jose Auriemo Neto has what it takes to advise and guide both beginners and experienced professionals who need help growing your portfolio. Jose Auriemo has been around for a long time and is CEO and Chairman of JHSF. Mr. Jose Auriemo has worked with many different clients and entrepreneurs and is well known in the business community.

JHSF is a renowned real estate company that focuses on high-class development projects in Brazil. Founded in 1972, JHSF has achieved tremendous growth and is one of the leaders in the property development field. The company has great expertise in developing and managing top luxury commercial and residential real estate properties and has worldwide recognition. When it comes to getting the knowledge or training to start a business, its imperative to look for a reputable source. If you have ever wanted to learn about the industry or where to get help, you need to consult a reliable professional like Jose Auriemo. Having access to one of the leading professionals is a great way to ensure that you’re following a proven path.

Jose Auriemo has managed many high-profile real estate projects and is well respected by clients and other experts in his professional field. He has built a highly reliable and knowledgeable team of real estate development professionals and has systems in place to ensure the best possible outcome in the projects he oversees. Becoming a real estate or property developer is not an easy task and it also requires lots of money. The use of leverage is a very attractive feature of this business and Jose Auriemo knows how to handle it properly. As someone responsible for managing a large team, Jose Auriemo has organization and interpersonal skills and strives to deliver top notch service.


Sharon Prince on the Importance of Standing Up for Your Rights

Standing up for yourself is perhaps one of the best things that you can do in your life. Sharon Prince, the founder of Grace Farms, has been on the forefront in encouraging women to exercise their voices whenever they find themselves in compromising circumstances. One way through which she has managed to do so is through her Grace Farms Foundations.

Sharon Prince has been particularly vocal on matters about gender parity. She has been among those encouraging companies to hire both men and women in the same numbers devoid of any bias. She allows notes that it takes effort and courage for women to exercise their voices and stand up against any discrimination. It is particularly hard to confront power structures and those in authority when they are the perpetrators of gender discrimination.

Calling Out Sexism

Sharon Prince has been vocal in calling out instances of sexism whenever she has found herself in any situation that warrants action. She confesses that people’s actions can act as a great way of breaking down gender barriers. Sharon prince opines that there ought to be noticeable change when it comes to everyday practices such as referring to women as ‘you guys’ or married women as ‘Mrs.’ without a term for married men.

Sharon Prince notes that although sexism has reduced over the years, it’s still present in the modern age with a vast majority of women falling victims. Therefore, she reveals that the prevalence of retrogressive behavior in the contemporary era is the main reason the practice should be discouraged regardless of the circumstances. Women should be on the forefront in doing so, however risky it is or if they are the only women present in the setting.

Sharon Prince admits that collective action among men and women will eventually eliminate gender bias. A higher degree of impact will be witnessed if everybody exercises their voice.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Gives an Account of JD.com at the World Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most esteemed business icons in the world. He started his working career as a mere salesperson supplying health products. Later on, the figure opened a restaurant and computer shop serving consumers in Beijing. Today, Qiangdong runs a prominent e-commerce platform that supplies goods to its customers in China, the United States, the UK, and other countries in Asia. Different from many e-commerce stores, JD.com, Qiangdong’s e-commerce focuses on selling original consumer goods.

Liu Qiangdong’s e-commerce platform boasts of a seasoned team of engineers and logisticians who use autonomous technology to deliver customers merchandise within the shortest time. In fact, many customers, more so those residing in China’s major cities, receive their orders within the same day. In 2018, the World Economic Forum interviewed Richard Liu Qiangdong on how he started and developed his start-up. During the interview, Liu Qiangdong said that he launched JD.com in 2004. During that time, most brick and mortar stores had closed down as a result of the SARS outbreak. Healthcare experts advised citizens to remain indoors, as a way to minimize the risk of contracting the deadly airborne disease.

Mr. Liu Qiangdong used the calamity as an opportunity to establish JD.com, a platform that let people buy all sorts of consumer goods from their homes. Jingdong was among the first online stores to open its doors in China. Qiangdong teamed up with an experienced team of software engineers who developed an easy to navigate shopping platform. Customers could easily compare the prices of products from different manufacturers and purchase their favorite using their personal computer. Besides the easy to navigate shopping platform, Liu Qiangdong cooperated with suppliers who provided best original products from reputable manufacturers. Jingdong’s tolerance to counterfeits attracted millions of customers who wanted to get value from their money. Today, Jingdong ranks top in the list of e-commerce platforms operating in Asia.

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Max Salk is Astounded by Fascinating Companies and Stocks

When analysts see good companies or potentially good companies, analysts like Max Salk would want to stick with it for the long haul. Of course, analysts like Max Salk also need to see what makes them compelling. He needs to see why they will grow and be a wonderful company in the future as well. One can see that this may be true if they see that the company is in the same type of environment to see gains, as they were within the past. Said in a different manner, if the future is going to be like the past and the present, then the company may be a viable one to invest in if it did well within specific conditions.

An investment analyst like Max Salk would see that Walmart won over the past for a variety of reasons. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, doubled down and increased sales volumes by lowering prices. Lowering prices allowed him to bring in more customers and stay competitive with others. Of course, lower prices meant that he would have to lower his profit margin as well. Lowering the profit margin would work out over the long term if the company was able to grow, attract more customers, increase their cash flows and push out some of the competition within this manner.

The founder would shortly branch off from one store and add another store within the state of Arkansas. Just fifteen or so years later, the company would have about 24 stores and would be a major store within the state of Arkansas. Sales would increase to more than $10 million. Just a year later, the company would open up stores in other states across the United States. It would stay focused on the same strategy. The company would have already gone public and would conduct stock splits when it was only operating in a few states at the time.

The company would then progress to also moving forward and acquiring a couple of companies that were in line with its vision. The company would see value within these stores and would then move forward to expanding into other markets as well. The company kept it simple and focused on specific products at the start and then grew its specialized stores. After it grew to a specific number of stores would it then add on more product lines.