Jeremy Goldstein Continues Throwing Wine Dinners

Wine dinners are becoming Jeremy Goldstein’s bread and butter. Last year, he threw two amazing wine dinners on top of the Nomad Hotel, where he raised over $50,000 for Fountain House, a local charity that’s dedicated to helping men and women suffering from mental illnesses and disorders.

Last year’s dinner was hugely successful, but he wants this year’s dinner to top both of the past dinners. Jeremy Goldstein is not a man who takes failure well; he always strives to be the best at what he does. As New York’s premier corporate attorney, Jeremy Goldstein is known around the world.

He and his firm specialize in corporate governance, executive compensation, CEO guidance, and sensitive issues like acquisitions and mergers. He’s been named an excellent compensation lawyer by the USA Chambers Guide and Legal 500. He also sits on the American Bar Associations subcommittee of Acquisitions and Mergers.

When it comes to his philanthropic endeavors, he wants to aid Fountain House in all of its missions. Though awareness is a major part of what Fountain House does; the organization also offers many other services. Fountain House is dedicated to every stage of recovery, from recognizing the problem to assimilating back into society.

The biggest problem with mental illness recovery is the stigma surrounding mental illness itself. People don’t want to get help if society will cast them aside for having a problem. Sadly, 25 percent of the world’s population suffers from mental illness at some point in their lives. That’s a big number; nearly two billion people.

Across the world, organizations like Fountain House work together to remove the stigma and get people the treatments they need. Some illnesses can be cured and patients can make a full recovery, but because of the stigma and lack of support, they refuse to acknowledge they even have a problem.

Fountain House goes above and beyond for everyone they help. They even teach friends and family members of their patients how to handle living with someone suffering from mental illness in their lives. Having that extra, comfy layer of support and love can speed up recovery.

While other organizations don’t have the tools and funding to take their initiatives all the way, Fountain House provides sufferers with a work program that helps them find jobs and a place to live, speeding up the assimilation process.


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