Glen Wakeman: The Man Leading Launch Pad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is someone who is incredibly proficient in the field of finance and is considered to be an industry leader. He is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings and has helped the company grow incredibly since it first started out ( Having ample amount of experience in the field has helped him achieve his professional goals, and has given him all that he needs to be a prominent name in the financial sector.

One of the reasons why Glen Wakeman has become such a successful name is because of the education that he received. He pursued a degree and went to the University of Scranton in finance and business. Soon after, his next endeavor was another degree this time being from the University of Chicago, to attain his MBA. Soon after completing his education, he started to work at a number of high profile companies, which at the time were some of the biggest in the city. These initial ventures that he partook in proved to be incredibly valuable to Glen Wakeman, as they helped shape his career, providing him with better opportunities for the future.

One of the first companies that Glen Wakeman worked at was GE Capital, which is a well-known company in the field ( He worked under some of the most prominent names in the financial sector and looked up to them as his mentor. He spent a considerable amount of time working here before he decided to move on to other professional pursuits.

Having over two decades worth of experience, leading a company was not a hard task for Glen Wakeman, which is why LaunchPad Holdings has grown to be such a huge success in the industry.