Traits Contributing to Success of Rodrigo Terpin

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, becoming a great rally requires more than just funding. To excel like Rodrigo Terpins, it needs a great deal of effort and commitment. This article is a review of the traits that made him a great rally driver in Brazil. These attributes can make aspiring rally drivers excel in the industry.


One of the key factors contributing to the success of Terpin’s brothers is passion. Rodrigo and Michael Terpin has proved that passion is a key ingredient to their success. Funding and sponsorship will take you places, but without passion, it is hard for you to succeed. Passion gives one the drive to practice even when they are losing. It has helped him to be consistent, climb ranks, and be counted among the best rally drivers in Brazil.


Confidence is a prerequisite to success in all industries. Without it, it is hard for one to excel. Terpin has used this quality and has helped him win races. All great rally drivers can attest that confidence is imperative in rallying. According to Terpin, confidence is not the arrogant feeling that makes one feel like they are better than everyone else is, but a trait that motivates one to do better.

Never forget your roots

Terpin’s elder brother, Michael Terpin, best demonstrates this quality. After he debuted and excelled in Brazil rallying, Michael helped Rodrigo get into the industry, and later Rodrigo mentored his younger brother to join the industry. Terpin’s family is a household name in Brazil they have been working as a team, and it has yielded positive results.

About Rodrigo Terpin

Rodrigo Terpin followed the footstep of his brother and ended up in the rallying industry. Rodrigo is an alumnus of Saint Hilaire. He is among the top-ranked participants in the T1 races where he teams up with his elder brother Michael. Rodrigo also participates in Blue Sertoes Rally. Rodrigo believes determination and consistency have played a significant role in his career. You can visit his Facebook page.