Developing A Better Standard For Educational Software

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the leading figures behind an educational software called Solvy. Mr. Beltukov was chosen to lead the launching of the product and to help market it. It is a free online learning software that is currently available to teachers, their students and entire educational schools.

Here are a few of the benefits of Solvy. A teacher can choose math problems for their students based on that individual’s specific interest. The learning software also helps connect math with real world applications. This is done by giving students real life problems where math would have to be used to reach a solution.

Teachers benefit from using Solvy by being able to customize problems for students based on need and interest. They also save time and can see where their students need extra help. Solvy has graphing features and teachers can see the work their students did on the software. This highly interactive learning program is compatible with many different devices such as computers and laptops. Expect to hear more from Solvy and Alexei Beltyukov in the future.

A Brief Look At Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a native of Russia. He serves on the board of the Skolkovo Foundation. It is an organization that was created to spur development and create jobs in the fields of technology in Russia. Mr. Beltyukov is a highly successful entrepreneur who’s input in business is highly valued by the Russian government and fellow business people.

 Alexei Beltyukov is credited with starting a large number of different firms. One of his ventures is a car repair shop chain called Mechanicus. New Gas technologies is another business that Mr. Beltyukov helped create. It uses waste products to create new useful products.

Alexei has also been heavily involved in investing in Russian companies. He has started his very own angel investment group that aims to fund Russian startups. Mr. Beltyukov has even managed a portfolio with dozens of companies under his management. Alexei is an alumni of the INSEAD Business School. Every year, he provides a scholarship for a Russian student to go study there. He is also an entrepreneur in residence there.