Talkspace: Therapy For All

In regards to therapy, it is something that can be a little elitist in some regards. If people have money, they have the chance to go to therapy and get help. They get to see some fancy therapist in an office with tissues and they pay a ton of money for it. However, not everyone can afford that type of therapy, and it is unfair to cast him or her aside for the people with money. Mental health needs to be treated the same way as someone with a broken leg or a broken arm. It is serious business because it someone’s brain.

However, the world can be cruel to those with a mental health disorder. They use ignorant and rude words like “crazy” and “weirdo.” This is what prevents people from coming out and being their true selves. They don’t feel as though the world is going to accept them for who they are and what matters to them in their life. They are going to be shunned and cast aside. They are going to be looked at a certain way. Talkspace is going to save a lot of lives as it is an app that features video, text, and phone calls in the form of therapy. They have 1,000 professionals that truly care.

When it comes to mental health issues and problems, it is tough to say when they might arise or when they might come up. Some people can’t wait weeks, months, or even years to see a therapist. This is also more fitting for them and allows them to feel more at home. They are able to do what is best for them and what suits their needs. At the end of the day, they need to look out for themselves, and they need a company like Talkspace, which is growing by the day.