An Efficient Way To Create A To-Do List By Upwork

Here are 10 awesome tips for completing your to-do list

  1. Jot down all tasks

Complete a brain dump, it’s the healthy way to do it. Otherwise, incomplete tasks will haunt you and stress you out.

  1. Work on your list the night before

Get a fresh start in the morning. Right after your coffee, it’s best to use that boost to dive into work instead of diving into your to-do list. You risk the chance of burning yourself our once the list is complete instead of having a task or two shaved off your list.

  1. Keep your to-do list limited to a single location

Napkins, notes, receipts, random software programs, those are a lot of places to seek out your workload. This can become a task in itself, instead, keep all of your items in a single location so nothing gets lost and forgotten.

  1. Schedule your tasks

Add good details such as when you will start, part of the day and how much time you will spend on the task. That way you can plan your day better

  1. Assign an urgency level to your tasks

Organize your tasks according to their deadlines, that way any interruptions won’t set you back too bad.

  1. Analyze your list

Tasks that have lingered and have not added value or have no importance should get deleted. That way your list consists of things that really need to get done.

  1. Reassign tasks and move on

Use a flexible software such as ClickUp that allows you to make tasks out of comments, that way you don’t have to go through the steps of creating a task and assigning it.

  1. Break up the tasks

Large tasks can seem overwhelming. To know where to start, break the task up into sections or subtasks and tackle things one at a time until the whole task is complete.

  1. Categorize your tasks

Using ClickUp you can assign tags to tasks that you’ve assigned so if you need to follow up on the task you can simply search the category you’ve placed it under.


  1. Weigh your tasks

Some tasks may be heavier than others. Measure the amount of effort you will have to put in for each task and you can use ClickUp to categorize them also by the amount of effort you’ll have to put into the task.

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