Suggestions For A Good PR Pitch

If the online reputation is a currency, then Google is the richest country with the highest monetary currency on the planet. Why? Because all companies and individuals depend on how Google ranks their reputation, their activity, and their online worth.


If you get a backlash online, then Google keeps it in its record, and you may pay for the price. That problem is why many companies are hiring online reputation managers to help mediate, alter or even just moderate the many factors that contribute to the bad reputation of a company. One of the well-trusted online reputation experts today is Status Labs.


In the PRNewswire article, a feature about Status Labs offered several ways to make sure your online reputation got kept at bay, but to be safe, why not just go and get the consultation and services provided by Status Labs itself? Either way, here are some of the tips that Status Labs suggested for companies to bring a successful PR proposal today.


One particular suggestion that Status Labs shared that consist of a remarkable amount of logic and wisdom than any other group could recommend is this: make your PR Pitch simple but impressive. Status Labs suggests that start-uppers should have an elevator pitch that commands excellent reputation for the person listening to the pitch.


People know so little of this that they end up making the same mistakes all over again: make long, convoluted pitches when facing interested investors.


Another good advice that Status Labs offered to their audience to make PR pitches outstanding is always to highlight the offer. People could otherwise not know the internal values of a company if the giver of the proposal can’t highlight the value themselves.


The online reputation of a company depends on how the PR communicates with the journalist who is writing about the company, and so you as a PR officer should always accommodate the demands of the press, so he or she has more chances of building the proper reputation for your company.


Status Labs also suggests that for businesses to get a good rep for their business, they should always reframe the selling into a story and not just an ad. People respond to stories and ads can be annoying and disruptive, so it’s better to tell a story to sell a pitch. Make the story newsworthy by always making a good story out of it.


Truly, Status Labs knows the deal with PR. With all these suggestions, Status Labs is a renowned leader in reputation management online.