Sergey Petrossov: Crowdfunding Private Jets

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov started JetSmarter, a company coined the “Uber for private jets,” which has garnered investments from the likes of Jay-Z and the Saudi royal family. Getting bit by the entrepreneurial bug early, Petrossov has been a serial entrepreneur since high school. In high school, he sought to start an import-export company for car rims. Later, as a student at the University of Florida, he became a part of a startup for live chatting, after exposure to computer science. He also co-founded an educational company that sold cloud-based software programs to universities and schools in Russia and Eastern Europe. However, aviation was always his side hobby.

The Outdated Private Jet Operations

After taking a flight with a business partner friend and seeing the extreme inefficiency of booking a private jet, Sergey Petrossov knew things needed to be brought up to modern speed and ease. He noticed that to book within this multi-million dollar industry, still required you to call in and sign physical papers. There wasn’t even an option for a digital form to sign. The process was moving at the speed of a snail, and very archaic for this digital world we live in.

He also noticed how the planes just weren’t being used enough. In most cases, you would only have two or three people on the whole jet, which drove the prices higher than it had to be. His idea was to reverse these issues and operational standards into a “digital fashion with high utilization and a lower cost of entry.”

JetSmarter: The Uber for Private Jets is Born

Sergey PetrossovAlthough JetSmarter is constantly being refined, here’s how it currently works. A JetSmarter app member can choose to pay for and join on a flight that’s already pre-scheduled between popular destinations, or they can book their own jet, to their own specific location, and let members claim seats aboard as they desire.

A member also has access to free flights at the last minute on an empty leg. Members can also choose to fly completely private, without opening their flight up to other members to book, which costs more. His goal is to dominate the premium flying space in the US. Eventually, looking to get jet booking seats down to $500, Sergey Petrossov looks to make his service a worthy option for first-class and business-class travelers.

A Calculated Approach to Female Empowerment Under Smita Shah

A quick glance around the social order of the 21st century world makes one single aspect particularly clear. The role of women in society has extended far outside of the house. There are parts of the world where women lead governments, represent districts, have high wealth, or simply run their own businesses. Women have achieved greater freedom than past generations would have ever dreamed. However, a closer inspection shows the adversity many of these women faced to reach this point. The barriers of centuries of suppression still have their lingering impacts. Smita Shah has spent much of her career challenging social norms in the workplace. During a recent discussion with Premiere Gazette, she shows how attitudes are moving a better direction.


As someone who presently carries the mission of generations of women’s rights activities, Smita Shah has expanded on her past on many occasions. While her fellow female peers were out having fun, she choose to remain inside glued to the books in front of her. Her parents and friends alike were amazed by her math skills. This laid the foundations of what Smita Shah would eventually become. Over the years she won a handful of competition, gained peer recognition, and acquired the self-confidence to trust in her own abilities. In 1998, SPAAN Tech, Inc. was founded on the backbone of her current state. Industry leaders from many corners found themselves keeping an eye on her presence.


While Smita Shah was fortunate enough to live under positive circumstances, many of her fellow women have not been so lucky. In the article, she describes how social limitations are placed on women during their childhood. They are taught to stand aside and let a man handle everything. In addition, they are told to stay put and know their place. While the number of women at the top has risen over the years, their are still many at the bottom who are subjected to distasteful language.


Smita Shah concludes her discussion with a series of tips for women who are able to enter the workforce. The first step is knowing your own skill set. In this industry, co-workers are always looking for any opening to gain an advantage over each industry. Any level of misjudgment could have affect one’s ability to develop strong connections. However, Smita Shah has one tip above all else for her fellow women. She wants them to feel loved and believe in their own potential. Your heart has to be in the game for success to flourish. Learn more:


Between the competitive environment of business and the position of women in the world, the raise to the top will be full of obstacles. However, reaching the summit is worth the journey.

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Jack Plotkin Discusses Telehealth

Jack PlotkinAccording to Jack Plotkin, telehealth has been around for quite some time now but it’s not until recently that technological innovation has made it become more prevalent and widely available. So how has it become more accessible to the average person? Well, for one thing, they now have portable devices than can track your biometrics and wirelessly transmit that data back to the lab for the doctors to analyze. While this does make it much more convenient to receive a diagnosis remotely, there are still a few obstacles to making this type of treatment widely accessible. For one thing, most doctors who do telehealth consultations don’t typically have access to the medical records of the patient whose condition they are currently attempting to diagnose.

As it happens, they’re not the only ones who are dealing with this major setback. Many nursing call centers out there find themselves in this same boat as their access to electronic medical records is limited at best and prohibited at worst. The only way for the system to work is to make this data readily available to those who need it. They’ve already begun working on a new platform that just may rectify the situation. As Jack Plotkin is quick to point out, this new system is known as Virtual Health and it is designed to integrate these EMRs with the rest of the information in their system so the doctors will have all the data they need to diagnose and treat patients.

Jack PlotkinOf course, even if this new platform proves to be successful, there’s one last obstacle left to overcome and this concerns the cost of these consultations. As you can imagine, telehealth does not typically come cheap and it’s not as if any private insurers are lining up to cover this program. It is also not currently covered by Medicare or Medicaid but that’s never stopped us before. Back in the ’50s, the only way to perform telehealth was over the phone and even then it wasn’t particularly effective as doctors were unable to run any tests on them to diagnose it.


The Success of Maarten De Jeu

Maarten de Jeu is an experienced advisor in international strategy who has led successful growth initiatives for several global companies across Europe and the United States. Maarten was educated in the Netherlands and later moved to the United Kingdom where he completed his M. A in Social science. He also had a major in Public Administration and graduated from Leiden University in the year 2001. Maarten continued his education at the University of Oxford where he completed his MBA and graduated in 2005. He gained valuable experience in international corporate strategy from an Amsterdam based company called TVDK Management Consultants. 

Professionally, Maarten brings forth a unique mix of technical knowledge from his extensive international experience with global business networks in North America, Asia, and Europe. His technical skills show a deep understanding of globally accepted institutional and cultural settings. Maarten is an accomplished advisor to several senior executives for major Fortune 100 companies, technological start-ups, and High Net Worth, individuals. He is disciplined and has a thorough decision-making process where he builds capable multidisciplinary cultural teams. Maarten is credited for being the co-founder of the successful technological start-up called Speak-Up, which is the leading publicly listed company across Europe for ethics and compliance solutions. Learn more:

Maarten’s leadership qualities are admired. For instance, he is the founder and managing director of SVM Advisory: a boutique business that consults with potential clients to build partnerships and achieve growth. He advices his clients about the correct strategy, investment, and acquisition for their local and international business solutions. Maarten is famed for providing experts advice in global marketplaces as he holds a prominent position in advising business owners before they venture into new territories. Maarten is committed to offering quality services, respects different cultures, and follows the recommended market conditions. 

Throughout his career, he has developed a culture of success by helping local businesses reach international standards across Europe, Asia, and North America. The success of his businesses is based on the ability to follow the regulations of the ruling governments. For instance, the success of a business depends on paying taxes, especially on imports, exports, and government laws and regulations. His success is also based on valuable business partnerships and investors.

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Sergey Petrossov Has A Disruptive Vision For The Aviation Industry

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is hard at work changing the way people fly and getting more and more to switch over to flying private jets instead of commercial airlines. The man behind this is Sergey Petrossov, a man who managed to be the CEO of a billion-dollar company before he even reached the age of 30. His “unicorn” of a company employs around 300 people and this number keeps going up as they expand across the world to different locations and countries. While their headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States along with offices in Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Zurich, London, and Dubai. The company doesn’t own any jets themselves, but they have an extensive network of charter companies that they work with to provide flights to their customers.

Users can easily book a flight from their phone using the JetSmarter app. Whether they want to book an entire plane or just a seat on a shared charter, there are a lot of options available for their thousands of users who pay an annual fee for membership in order to use their services. While JetSmarter does offer flights, Sergey Petrossov has a bigger vision for the company and sees it as a potential lifestyle and travel community where users can meet and interact with people that have similar interests as them. Along with flights, they also offer several ground services as well already to provide an inclusive experience.

The entrepreneur has experienced a lot of success at an early age and he knows that there are issues that almost every business owner will face. Getting funding for a company may not be as easy as some people think and while it’s fairly simple to attract investors, it can be very difficult to deliver a proper pitch says Sergey Petrossov. You may have a great idea for a company, but if potential investors don’t trust in your ability to grow it, they will not be willing to put their capital or time on the line. The story of a company is important and you or someone you know must be able to tell it.

Marine Lanterns by

Sea lights have an all-inclusive history. As a result of its old just like the lady travels. Simply a similar methodology beacons have guided fishers securely to the coast multiple times, nautical lamps have assumed their job all through helping mariners endure by means of dim, erratic evenings from the ocean. For reestablished ships, these significant light fittings can be recouped, re-designed at that point utilized while alluring nautical stylistic layouts with home.


Nautical lamps present is doubtlessly a chance to have the option to praise your adoration proposed for the ocean. With every one of our accumulations of marine-propelled lights, you will make sure to give alive your adoration respect to oceanic vehicles directly within your home. Here with Sea Marine Enterprise, we stock an extraordinary broad cluster of nautical rescued things. Our accumulations of Marine lights are accessible in various styles. They incorporate;

Contact lights

Port Nautical Lanterns

Starboard Nautical Oil lights

Each and every of our lamps has progressed toward becoming rescued from boats, washed and re purposed especially for use in homes. Their specific uniqueness and style convey volumes of the beginning. If you need to incorporate warmth and feel to have the option to your home, nothing can undoubtedly stop you if an individual have genuine nautical lights. Our lamps originate from moderate costs to promise you can shop as to what you adore with confirmation without investigating your own shoulders, at least not monetarily.


A blessing to your preferred one


Starboard lamp lights have as of late been utilized to decide the specific bearing in which some kind of ship is going from night. For boats wandering towards the other individual, they have to pass starboard side to port side. At the point when these sorts of lights are recovered originating from old ships and improved, they can be connected as significant components planned for open air lighting. Few out of every odd individual may acknowledge nautical inside design, all things considered, you unquestionably know one specific or two individuals that may do everything to put their hands on stunning nautical lights. You can without much of a stretch do them an advantage by choosing from our own enormous accumulations their preferred lamp plans. We in like manner have present day proliferations including conventional port lights, inside the occasion you want something shinier and energizing.


Enhance your patio together with old fashioned lights


A perfect patio lighting framework is a one of a kind method to exhibit the specific uniqueness and excellence including your home. Another single nautical light found deliberately on your photograph could be a conversational piece.


The marine made lighting are made to last a real existence time. These lighting installations have shown long periods of strength found in stormy oceans. Our oceanic light choices are perfect for beach front homes, sea themed resorts and marine eateries. On exercises, an individual can utilize these light as bed lights, indicating extraordinary beams in sea rooms. The strong yet beautiful nautical lights of which we stock originate from reasonable costs. We cooperate with different spending plans. From our very own pages, you can get excellent genuine ship lights that impeccably meet your necessities.

Nautical Antiques – Sea Marine Enterprise

Ocean going Antiques are things of which will are exceptionally considerable in addition to not effectively discovered, because marine rescue vintage opportunity we have experienced the particular choice to restore these kinds of points from your old ships that will have been near to with regard to as far back since century. Our knowledge provides made us pull methodologies that have aided in gathering and offering our own antique things to become able to companies almost all over the world. All of us are the particular main corporation in Bangladesh and Chattogram with regards to providing of nautical antique things across the certain world. We are the right seller at you inside of the fact that our charges are lower contrasted collectively with others within this sector.

With an exceptionally sturdy group, we can get these things from typically the saved boats making that simpler for that customers in order to find them within our starting. This is an undertaking that has confidence inside unwaveringness and demonstrable ability together with regards to conntacting customers out right now there. Different maritime collectibles have got been published on our own site page where clients can almost undoubtedly look at and make their particular demands with us. Typically the major way that an person can almost certainly acquire nautical antique is in order to make excellent association with the online marine recovery organization. Speaking about rescue business, we are the the best businesses that have these types of nautical collectibles in our personal distribution center prepared obtainable to be purchased.

Typically the most astonishing thing about all of us is that each nautical vintage inventory in our submission centre is they have currently been around for even more in comparison to one hundred years. Keep in mind this really is entirely significant things which can be uncommon to find away. Try not to have the ability to look through further, sea rescue antique undertaking is usually here to create things less complicated to suit your requirements. We have more than half a dozen many years of encounter, and our administration is really decided and dedicated in order to making sure we have simply about all the required things inside the submission center. Since said before, the main way for exchanging is simply by making the buy along with the online wholesalers, with regard to instance, marine rescue older created endeavor.

The major factor that has triggered all of us as the best favored organization is the fact that will we have just already been managing quality things regarding as far back because years that all of us possess been to this business. We all keep on increasing more trust coming from our clients by guaranteeing that all of us give quality things just and furthermore having typically the asked nautical collectibles in typically the distribution center constantly. As you open our web site webpage, you can understand that we have photos of some nautical collectors items. In other neighborhood vendors’ post things that they avoid have to be able to take in clients with fake information. With respect to us all, we post simply the particular things that have been in the particular distribution center at the moment, this specific has made our own name spread worldwide because purchasers are ensuring of which will they get nautical collectibles just from ocean recovery classical undertakings.

Following all of us have the nautical antiques items, we all refine them within the particular request they could become reused. You could depend and put your present trust on us concerning the grounds that as we keep on bringing you progressively old-fashioned things, we all likewise make certain that lone high quality has been communicated to our unwavering customers. Here you are from Sea Marine Enterprise site page for more information.


Industrialization is taking a paradigm shift since women are becoming part of nation-building not only as a mother but also as engineers, doctors, and politicians. Some of the world’s re-known female luminary CEOs are committed to taking this world into greater heights in terms of development. The CEO of SPAAN technology is a woman named Smita Shah. She is just one of the many women who have decided to designate their place in society. Smita Shah runs a company that is legalized to operate in many states in the United States of America. Smita was an exemplary performer in mathematics both in high school and college. As a professional engineer with remarkable skills in engineering and business education, she has remained one of the most common names to come across in both local and international media.

She is also a keynote speaker that demands a high degree of dignity in the way you treat her. Courtesy of her influence in the field of both business and engineering has earned her such respect. Her achievements have made her win many awards in the world’s business award ceremonies. Her company came into the market in 1998. It is one of the companies with an exponential rate of growth. Some complications that require engineering solutions get solved by her company.

The dedication to her work is what makes her a mentor to many youths. International relationships have also improved because of her vast extent of partnership with other companies that share the same goal as hers. Policy organizations honor the civic leadership abilities that are making her consultant for strategic advice.

According to her, the more you become wealthy, the higher the responsibility you have for society. However, it is also easy to fall if your time management skills do not satisfy your obligations. As a female entrepreneur, she has managed to uphold the respect that people give her by being intolerant to people who address her by her first name. She believes that having the men and women around you address you by your full name leaves no room for questioning who the boss is. Learn more:

It is normal to find women being easy targets to fetch coffee in an office environment. Smita is out to advise women that being a victim of such incidents might put your career in jeopardy. She is suggesting that women should avoid providing such special treatment and also rejects such treatment from men in a work environment.

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Nautical Salvage

The majority of the items in a mail are made to last. From the particular lights, ship telegraph, sextant, binoculars, compass to pulley and bollards, each product has a long-life in contrast to many industrial goods. However, each ship possess an effective economical life. Typically the ship owner can file its official working period as 30 or forty five years. After that, the particular ship can be used to a ship endangering yard where valuable dispatch telegraph goods are skillfully removed and reclaimed. Typically the process of reclaiming several items from wrecked dispatch is known as marine salvage.

Today, some regarding the world’s largest decommissioned ships find themselves within Chittagong, Bangladesh where that they are scraped and different valuable items recovered by them. The process is definitely labor-intensive and involves selected environmental and health dangers. That is why every thing is carried out throughout a controlled area many of these as Chittagong ship splitting yards. Through nautical repair, ship telegraph outdated and even old ships that may have got been considered useless gets great assets.

Precious maritime Salvage items

In the particular past few years, there is a rising trend within the popularity of Nautical Repair items. Having been within the industry for extra than six years, many of us understand the demands. With Sea Marine Enterprise, we stock a new number of nautical products. Our marine salvage lamps and vintage nautical products are collected from the ship break yard throughout Chittagong. Here, the effort is carried out in a controlled surroundings to ensure the consumers end up with high quality salvage items.

At Sea Salvage & Antiques Organization, our professionals clean the particular various items and in which necessary, re-engineer for reuse. Along the way of renovating the particular Nautical Salvage, ship telegraph items for re-use, the team removes old chemicals from the nautical products. This leaves behind an all natural appeal of the unique metals found in making these kinds of items. Thereafter, all of us activates in professional polishing in the various items to provide them an excellent surface finish. Subsequently, what we inventory and sell to each of our clients are authentic, clear and highly refined maritime salvage, ship telegraph things fit for various employs.

Valuable pieces available

In this article at Sea Marine Enterprise, you may find several salvaged products depending on the needs you have. Intended for those who have the soft spot for maritime lights, this is typically the number one stop centre for you. From vessel deck lights, bulkhead signals to ship lanterns, you will get virtually every ship lights system at our shops.

The many lights can get used both for inside and outdoor lighting. Typically the ship deck lights plus passageway lights can become used for indoor light, more precisely wall light. On the other palm, brighter ship searchlights could be used for backyard lighting in the back garden. The other nautical things works extremely well for interior decoration.

 Good value

When looking regarding nautical salvage items, a person should choose original, high quality items. At Sea Marine Enterprise, many of us assure clients of completely quality items. Each item is carefully selected in addition to professionally cleaned to guarantee an ideal look. Feel free of charge to have an appear at some our ocean salvage items on great deals and grab super deals.

Nautical Themed Gift Ideas: 2019 Edition by Sea Marine Enterprise

Looking for a nautical themed wedding ceremony, birthday, anniversary or Xmas gift? Perhaps you’re going to a bridal shower around the coast and you’re not really quite sure what to be able to bring. Our 2019 nautical gift guide is here to help you pick out an ideal present.

Reused Lobster Rope Doormat: These kinds of authentic Maine-made doormats add a unique nautical contact to your home. Could possibly be made of 100% recycled lobster trap rope that or else might end up within a local landfill.

Sea Bags: Accessories Made associated with Recycled Sails: Sea Luggage are another Maine-made maritime gift idea. Each item will be made of recycled sails and stitched with standard maritime techniques to produce truly unique pieces. A person can even have your own Sea Bag accessories custom made made with your personal designs and patterns.

Monkey’s Fist Door Stopper: These types of monkey’s fist door stoppers add a nautical feel to the interior of your home.

Buoy Bat: Buoy bats take your traditional Wiffle Ball bat concept plus incorporates a little maritime flair.

chart metalwork gift idea idea Chart Metalwork: Each Chart Metalwork jewelry part is custom made to incorporate a specific area of interest (hometown, school, and so on. ). These make excellent graduation and retirement present ideas as well with regard to both men and women.

personalized life band present Customized Life Band: Have a custom made lifestyle ring filled with the recipient(s) name.

whale bookends maritime gift idea Nautical Bookends: There are a range of different forms of maritime bookends that you could give as a gift. We simply love this whale set, how sweet would the buzz in the baby’s nursery?

ships wheel nautical gift idea Ship’s Wheel: When all otherwise fails, a replica ship’s wheel can make an outstanding wedding or anniversary gift idea. They look great installed on a wall or displayed on a bookcase.

point door knocker Nautical Entrance Treatments: While some homes traditionally display a spread bald eagle above their particular garage doors or front door, why not give the nautical themed ornament in order to display in this fashion.

nautical wall mounted bell gift idea Nautical Bell: Ship’s bells are one of the most recognizable and traditional nautical items. Fortunately, there are several different options for buying these bells in 2016. You can even possess them etched with a person’s name (or specific date) to create the best customized nautical gift.

ornamental brass compass Decorative Compass: These make great desk ornaments or “paper weights”.

nautical flags Nautical Red flags: You can’t go wrong together with nautical flags. Hang all of them from the ceiling, mount them to the wall, hand them off your current flagpole. No matter exactly what you do with all of them they’re a perfect nautical gift.

lobster buoy bird houses Buoy Birdhouses: This particular particular model can be obtained via L. L. Bean but there are many various styles and companies that make them.

Shockley vessels coffee table book Nautical “Coffee Table” Books: Espresso table books is surely an excellent way to accentuate your own nautical style and help to make excellent gifts.

nautical image frame gift ideas Nautical Picture Frames: Newlyweds may never have enough picture frames. There are several great nautical picture structures available in this present category.

antique cruise liner poster Antique Ship Posters: A single of my favorite pieces of nautical memorabilia is usually antique cruise liner paper prints. Especially the Art-Deco types of the 1920’s in addition to 1930’s. You can discover amazing reprints of these kinds of posters on eBay with regard to very reasonable prices.

ornamental rowing oar gifts Decorative Rowing Oars: While they may be cumbersome to transport, attractive rowing oars can be a great gift idea.

tide clock gift Tidal Time: As the name implies, tidal clocks tell an individual whether its high-tide or even low tide based upon the movement of the moon around the earth.

nautical climate instruments and clock present Nautical Weather Instruments: These types of instruments make great conversation pieces and provide handy advice about the weather (temperature, dampness, etc . ).

Gimbals Brass Lantern: These kinds of gimbals yacht lanterns add a touch of “nauticalness” to anyone’s home.

atmosphere map App for Smartphones: Skies Map is a great app regarding smartphones that helps you right away identify the stars and planets at night. It’s great for teaching kids regarding the solar system and can make a great gift.

maritime chart lamps Nautical Chart Add-ons: One of our favored nautical presents are light shades manufactured from actual maritime charts.

Nautical Movies: You can’t go wrong with nautical movies.

Authentic Coal from Titanic: Own an actual piece of history. This coal was recovered from the particular Titanic’s final resting place in 1994. It’s the simply authorized piece of actual memorabilia that is obtainable for sale.

American Useful Navigator (Bowditch): The Us Practical Navigator, otherwise recognized as Bowditch after among the book’s major contributors, may be the perennial navigation book of which bowditch american practical navigatoris standard issue for almost any professional mariner starting out there in the industry. You’ll possibly never read it, nevertheless it looks great over a bookshelf and is filled with amazing information concerning navigating ships.

ship model gift idea ideaShip Models: Need We elaborate any more on this?

bosuns call boatswains whistleBosun’s Call (Whistle): These bosun calls (boatswain’s whistle) have been used back in typically the day of sailing delivers. They make great gifts ideas for children since well.

nautical buoy blowing wind chime Nautical Buoy Wind Agreement: These nautical buoy blowing wind chimes are created in Maine and can be bought to replicate the genuine tone of various buoys in service across the region.

ships clock replica gift idea porthole design Nautical “Porthole” Clock: Another great nautical present to display in your current home.

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