Wikipedia Editor Abuse?? Really?


Wikipedia. This is one of the most popular websites to date. This article found at Tech.Mic cited some of the problems that came from Wikipedia. These problems I will talk about in this article.
So this editor wanted to write something up and post it to Wikipedia. This was a big deal to him and he felt that there were obstacles in his way that kept him from posting. He wrote to Wikimedia, which you may not know, is Wikipedia’s mother company. So he writes up this article and gets into an argument with one of it’s editors. One of these times he said he put a lot of work into writing this article and one of these people name called him.

Well this letter he wrote to Wikipedia editors and at the bottom of this letter, it says that it was so bad (meaning the experience was so bad) had him contemplating committing suicide. Now was that a bit dramatic? Yes probably, but really suicide is no joke. If someone threatens suicide, they better be taken seriously in today’s society.
Okay so I checked out this really cool website called and they can actually make new Wiki page just for you.

When you make a Wikipedia article it allows you a lot of benefits. If you are a business professional, then you can rest assured that your online prescience was made by people that know what they are doing when they make Wiki page.