Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Lesnard, Leading Sustainability at The North Face

Sustainability has been at the heart of what The North Face does since it began in 1966. The explorer-gear company’s foundation is a love for the outdoors and the promotion and protection of natural playgrounds. It’s taking the opportunity this holiday season to give back to the community by making sustainable practices a central part of The North Face’s product manufacturing. The North Face is releasing its Eco Heritage Collection this fall, which uses recycled materials to remake classic outerwear from the 1990s. These products use 100 percent recycled fleece and have a lifetime warranty.

The Eco Heritage Collection also includes The North Face’s newest, most innovative, durable and breathable waterproof material called Futurelight, which also consists of 90 percent recycled products. In this regard, The North Face leads not only in innovation but also in sustainability. The North Face’s commitment to sustainability continues with its Renewed Collection, which conserves materials from production scraps or defects to make new products with a lifetime warranty, thereby saving on waste and energy.  One of the most significant contributors to environmental pollution is the apparel industry.

To counteract that, The North Face has initiated the Cali Wool collection. Production for this collection, which The North Face makes in the US, not only limits its carbon footprint but works to stay positive by carefully thinking through all stages of wool production from farm to shelf. Such efforts include land-management techniques to reinvest carbon dioxide and enrich the soil. The North Face’s unveiling of its team-tested, ultra-thin Futurelight material, made with nano-spinning technology, is headed by Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Lesnard, a champion of outdoors activities and natural surroundings. Steve Lesnard has an impressive campaign portfolio, including marketing for two Olympics, the European region and top brands, resulting in $5.3 billion in returns.