Dr. Jorge Moll and His Team Are Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

When Dr. Jorge Mull heard that less than three percent of Americans are leading a healthy lifestyle he decided to do something about it. “A tough thing about being a doctor is constantly reading about how terribly unhealthy our county is.” Dr. Moll decided to put his plans into action and has created an institute that is focused on cultivating world-class research and training, education and health care (interview). He has created a space where ideas are plentiful and where his collaborative team, with their immense experience can help a large and vast range of people.

As you walk through the doors at Dr. Moll’s institute you are greeted by a friendly staff who look more like college science students rather than doctors. There is something that feels familiar and warm at this institute and you can’t help but want to explore and listen to the passionate team that is eager to explain their specific field of expertise. It was hard to track down Dr. Moll as he is usually busy with meetings,  speaking engagements that range from colleges to scientific expose or he might be behind closed doors working on his own experiments and tests. If you do manage to track him down he will be the first to tell you that “it is fundamental to have a free exchange of ideas and collaboration.”

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These days Dr. Moll and team are especially interested in the growing movement of using artificial intelligence, and cognitive systems and how brains and machines function cohesively. Dr. Moll explains how the “firing of a neuron is the first component of intelligence. Even as you listen to me speak to you about neurons, neurons are firing all over your brain.” This masterpiece of  signals is puzzling and multifaceted. It is because of research of this magnitude that doctors have been able to successfully use implants on patients who have lost entire limbs. The doctors at this institute are working diligently on getting the brain to give up more secrets. “The more we know about mapping these connections the more extraordinary opportunities have opened up to us.”