Duda Melzer Spearheading Technological Innovations at the RBS Group

The RBS Company which is renowned for the production of leading journalism and entertainment services has recently had a change in leadership. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known informally as Duda has been named the new CEO and president of the company. This followed a unanimous decision by the board of directors of RBS who deem Duda Melzer fit to lead the Group into success in the entertainment industry. The company that serves both Brazil and the United States among other regions invests through several vehicles in the digital industry.

Eduardo had his education at Harvard University from where he received an MBA in addition to Business Administration degree which he acquired from the Pontifical; Catholic University. The RBS group being a family business, Duda had his grooming as a manager at an early age. Before joining the family business, he was associated with other companies such as Delphi working as an expert financial analyst as well as CEO at Boxtop Media. The skills he acquired in these positions would later help him at RBS.

Mr. Eduardo has achieved several milestones in his career including being nominated to the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, an elite group of families in the business sector consisting of the best entrepreneurs in the society. Eduardo believes in good governance as the cornerstone for success in all activities, and it is his aspiration to live by this principle. He has been an example to most entrepreneurs in Brazil who often attend most of his speeches such as his recent inauguration as CEO of the RBS group. In that ceremony, he emphasized on his passion about involving people through good leadership and management.

Mr. Eduardo is committed to growth and will stop at nothing to achieve his corporate goals, a trait that is deeply rooted in his family.