Edwin Miranda: The Key To Successful Modern Marketing

Edwin Miranda is one of the most innovative, established and most prominent individuals in the marketing industry. Edwin is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of KOI IXS – a company focused on providing full-service and performance-driven marketing. Edwin makes sure that he keeps innovating and creating new platforms for his clients to market their brands. Edwin is also supported by a very talented and committed group of artists that helps him propel KOI IXS forward.

Edwin Miranda is very traditional when it comes to organizing his activities. Edwin keeps a to-do list for his daily activities, and weekly activities. He makes sure that his to-do list is accomplished the night before so that he has no down time the following day. Edwin lists short term goals that lead to long term accomplishments – he also goes into detail on who is involved, what is involved and the deadlines involved. Edwin makes sure that he is consistent so that he is always productive, he religiously follows his to-do list because it is very effective for him.

Edwin Miranda makes it a point that he is only surrounded with the people he can trust, he keeps his circle small, but the quality is held of the highest standard. More importantly when it comes to running his business, he only entrusts business tasks to people he trusts the most.

Edwin Miranda is an individual that keeps a positive attitude no matter what the situation is. In business, Edwin Miranda knew that setbacks and challenges were unavoidable, knowing this he made sure that in every challenge that came his way no matter how dark it can get, he made sure that he found the silver lining and stayed tenacious and resilient. Edwin made sure that he created learning opportunity in every drawback. He firmly believed in the cliche saying, “setbacks are only set ups for comebacks.”

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