End Citizens United’s Plan For A Better United States

Since the Citizens United landmark was approved and accepted, on January 21, 2010, the American politics has been in a downfall regarding its transparency and the reasoning behind the Democrats and Politicians.

The Citizens United Landmark issued that freedom of speech should be the main reason why everybody can vote on their favorite Democrats and their campaigns, so the government was prohibited from ever restricting independent expenditures and corporations from funding the campaigns of their favorite representatives.

This decision has caused a sea of billionaires and magnates to start monetizing the campaigns of the candidates that they would like to see in power, for various personal and business-related reasons. This scenery has been observed in both less-influential disputes and significant disputes as well, like the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate for the role of President of the United States. Magnates like George Soros have been seen moving funds to support their candidates.

Thankfully, many Americans are aware of this issue and are mobilizing themselves in order to change this picture. The End Citizens United Political Action Committee is a big example of that. They have thousands of members supporting their actions, as well as grassroots donors who fund the committee in order to keep fighting for a revitalization of the American politics.

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The End Citizens United was founded specifically to combat the effects of that landmark. They have the goal of mobilizing people and creating situations in which the consequences of the free funding are obviously detrimental to the future of the nation.

This has been noticed in their recent funding. The End Citizens United group has decided to use the flaws of the landmark to prove their own point: The PAC has begun funding the campaigns of pro-reform Democrats, like Jon Ossoff. By using the money that they receive from their members to elect those who also want the landmark to be revised, they are proving their point while also making sure they have powerful friends who also believe that the future of the United States is better without the Citizens United landmark.

During the first three months of 2017, the group was able to raise $4 million in funding, but their goals are much bigger than this amount. Until the midterm elections for Congress, that will take place in 2018; the group believes that they will manage to collect $35 million, which they will use to keep electing pro-reform Democrats and financing movements that fight for positive changes.

Right now, the group has proven that they are reaching that goal, as they have already doubled the amount that they raised during the first half of the year. The Americans that donate to the End Citizens United PAC are slowly changing the future of their nation for better.

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