Fabletics Embrases Customer Reviews

We live in a time where people work and have many activities outside of work that they shuffle to and from. Finding time to go to a shopping mall or store is becoming more difficult. Online shopping has become one of the main ways that busy people are acquiring their much needed possessions.


Whenever a shopper turns to online shopping they are bombarded with so many options of what they are seeking to purchase. You cannot simply type in a general search for athletic wear and only be given one choice to purchase. Shoppers may have a coveted brand that features many options in each shopping category as well. When making the decision to purchase a particular item shoppers tend to take others advice.


Web based shopping companies that embrace the marketing strategy of allow customer reviews tend to find their customer base increasing. Shoppers who have reviews to turn to are more likely to purchase from that particular store. Whether it is a good or bad review the shopper at least has an opinion on the item they are considering. Many customers have been crowd sourcing and reading the reviews other happy customers leave behind prior to making their purchase decision.


Fabletics brand of active wear is an online clothing retailer that has embraced the customer review. Companies understand that if they provide top notch customer service to their customers combined with a great product, customers will keep coming back and openly discuss the quality of the business and the products. Fabletics was designed by Kate Hudson. She understood the need for a versatile wardrobe for busy women and moms. Finding quality made athletic wear that would not break the bank was sometimes difficult. To top off the high prices that came with some of the most coveted brands, the online shopping experience of a contender would have to be top notch. Customers are seeking a high quality brand of clothing that is versatile and comfortable at reasonable prices.


Targeting stay at home moms and busy women, Kate Hudson helped design fabletics. The concept behind the mostly internet based clothing brand is simple. Women can shop directly from the website for whatever they need and build a wardrobe of athletic leisure clothing piece by piece. Women can also sign up for a monthly fabletics delivery to be shipped directly to their doorstep. This saves even more time for busy women. They no longer have to take the time out of their day to select certain items for purchase. Customers sit down and create a profile and answer questions about styles they like and fabletics does all the work by preselecting pieces and sending them every month. Fabletics features yoga and athletic pants as well as shorts, tank tops, t-shirts and sports bras.


Fabletics has a very large online customer client base but has recently opened some shopping mall store front locations. Most customers shopping in store have previously made online purchases. Many new in store customers sign up for online shipments.