Felipe Montoro Jens Highlights a New Public-Private Initiative

Marcelo Crivella is the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro and he has put forth an innovative plan for a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that would create new opportunities for day-care centers and pre-schools for the children in the city. The PPP would engage in the construction and maintenance of new facilities for this purpose.

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in Infrastructure Projects and he has indicated that this initiative is currently being studied for its feasibility. There is a precedent for this type of program and it can be found in the mining capital of Belo Horizonte. These were the first PPP schools built in Brazil and they were celebrated in July of 2012.

The candidacy of Marcelo Crivella was accompanied by a commitment to this type of program and indicates his support for education. Montoro Jens relates that his commitment to programs like these has been in place for some time.

This new proposal would create a place for 20,000 kindergartners and 40,000 pre-schoolers and would entail that all construction and maintenance would be accomplished by the private entity.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group and they were hired to provide consulting services for project modeling. Felipe Montoro Jens indicates that they are the largest private sector development entity in the developing world and he is confident in their experience and expertise.

The Public-Private Partnership models help governments overcome a scarcity of resources in providing public services. According to Montoro Jens, this involves an administrative concession contract between government entities and private companies.