Glen Wakeman: A Role Model for Business Success

Glen Wakeman is easily one of the most influential and noteworthy businessmen known today. Wakeman has written on international fiscal matters, is currently mentoring C-level executives, and educates on innovation and executive development. Perhaps one of his most noteworthy accomplishments revolves around the founding of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Wakeman has encountered many exceptional entrepreneurs who all ran into problems regarding the execution of their visionary business ideas. He realized that the reasons why these ideas are often not properly executed all point to the fact that these visions were not properly organized. Therefore, he co-founded LaunchPad in order to direct these start-ups into the right direction through pieces of training in organized planning and proper execution.

Currently, Glen Wakeman proudly holds the title of the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He is also a financial services executive, an investor, a writer, a small business owner, and a business mentor ( Wakeman empathizes the fact that success in business certainly does not happen over-night and it is a slow process to make a profit out of one’s investments. He highlights that his process of bringing his ideas to life involves him forcing himself to explain them to others. By doing so, it allows a visionary concept to become closer to reality and sometimes allows him to see some crucial errors in the concepts.

One of Wakeman’s advice for future entrepreneurs is to actively seek to expand their network of entrepreneurial associations. It is crucial for business people to expand and diversify their circle of colleagues and associates if they are to expect success in the future. Glen Wakeman is an alumnus of both the University of Scranton and the University of Chicago. He has generated $15 billion in assets and continues to be a leader in start-ups, integrations, new market entry, and exponential growth.