Grupo RBS Expands Global Reach With New Opportunities

Expansion Continues for Grupo RBS

In global media, Grupo RBS has made a mark in Brazil and now seeks to expand even further with its digital marketing company. When Grupo RBS made its debut in 1957, it’s hard to imagine that its founder, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, would know the impact that it’s made on not only on the media but also on Brazil from a social perspective. It’s only appropriate that the company made a social trust in his name that helps to curb problems faced by drugs, poverty, education and many other issues that the company has tackled throughout the years. Many television stations, radio stations and news portals later, the company continues the tradition to express its gratitude, reports by

One of Many Parts of Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS hosts many institutional campaigns as a parent company. Everything from executive education to youth broadcasting initiatives is addressed by the company. With e.Bricks Ventures, Grupo RBS provides private equity and venture capital funding opportunities to get companies on the web. While its efforts seem to be most concentrated on e-commerce, other segments such as healthcare and non-profit organizations are also represented. Managing Director Pedro Sirotsky Melzer brings a fresh perspective that’s balanced with a well-educated and experienced point of view.

The Grupo RBS Vision

RBS makes its campaigns well-publicized through its website that provides information on current charitable contributions, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and a host of other topics, including its vision. Represented as an asterisk that’s held together by a heart, the company expresses its strategy for dealing with clients, the public, passion for its profession and even patriotism. While this is only a sampling of the items that are covered, the vision is covered is voiced without uncertainties. Company news and its newest expansion efforts are also unveiled through the website.

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