Isabel Dos Santos, the Influential Woman From Angola

Isabel Dos Santos is a well-known businesswoman in the world who is a native of Angola Africa. She is the first daughter of the former president of Angola known as Eduardo Dos Santos. Isabel was born in 1973 April 20th, and she is named as the richest woman in Africa, by Forbes. Her net worth is more than 3 billion US Dollars. Isabel has invested in most of the companies and cooperates found in Angola. In the year 2005, she was named among the top hundred most influential women in the world.

Isabel Dos Santos studied her high school education at Cobham Hall girl’s boarding school and after completing the level of studies moved to King’s College, London where she studied electrical engineering. Isabel dos Santos started working after she was through with her undergraduate studies in some engineering companies inside the US. Isabel has been working in one of the Top European companies for the last twenty years assuming the top leadership positions.

Isabel started practicing entrepreneurship in the year1997, when she began the trucking business. Later, she opened a beach club at the coastal Miami, and it was the first night club and restaurant in Luanda Island. For a long time, Isabel Dos Santos has been helping women to improve their business as well as improving her businesses back in her country. Isabel was announced the Chairperson of Sonangol Company, an oil company found in Angola.

Isabel Dos Santos is also passionate about mass media, and this was clear when she launched Unitel after partnering with Portugal Telecom. She started venturing vastly in telecommunication in 2005 and has shares in ZAP, which is a satellite TV operator. Besides being a businesswoman, Isabel is also an excellent speaker who talks in many conferences across the world to empower women especially. She has spoken at invited conferences and universities like Yale University inspiring the young females (Economist).

Majorly, Isabel strives to see transformations on how the world views the women in society. According to her, women ought to be given an equal chance with men as they are powerful in contributing positively to society.

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