Jacob Gottlieb Is Still Pursuing New Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Visium Asset Management has become a major corporation today moving huge amounts of assets for companies in the hedge fund department focused on healthcare. Jacob Gottlieb has been working in the financial industry for well over a decade now and has perfect various methods for creating a successful business. This is why Jacob has started taking more time away from his company, Visium. Jacob wants to start putting his efforts into a new business project and add to his already extensive corporate portfolio. Jacob Gottlieb has profited immensely throughout his career and moving to another company to take on a leadership role is more to expand on his knowledge and expertise as a businessman and entrepreneur.

Jacob Gottlieb has had a strong vision throughout his entire career to build on his success as an entrepreneur and investor. Although Jacob has performed well in his position at Visium Asset Management, bringing in huge profits for the company over the years, Jacob believes things are changing a lot in the industry. Because of this, Jacob will be moving on to new opportunities, and Altium looks to be the place to start. Moving from Visium to Altium, Jacob will be changing his title from CIO to CEO, giving him a whole new set of responsibilities to deal with when it comes to directing the company, both internally and externally.

Altium is a hedge fund company just like Visium Asset Management, though it is not focused on healthcare like Visium. Instead, Altium spends more time working with smaller companies in the market. Jacob is going to spend his early days at the companies working on old systems and business structure to help bring the company up to the latest standards in successful business. Since he will be working as the Chief Executive Officer, Jacob will also need to be able to direct others to perform actions he doesn’t have the ability to do himself, which will be a new task for him at Altium as well.

Jacob Gottlieb earned his degree in economics by attending Brown University in Rhode Island, after which he made his career start in the financial industry. Jacob Gottlieb even went to medical school in order to gain some medical knowledge, allowing him to specialize in healthcare hedge funds. As a brand new company just making a start in 2018, Altium has a fresh face in the industry, it is up to Jacob Gottlieb to steer the company in a successful direction and build a reputable name.