Jason Colodne Forges A Successful Financial Career Alongside achieving His Hollywood Dreams

Even the richest and most successful people in the world have dreams they wish to achieve over the course of their lives. A good example of those who have achieved success in one area of business and continue to strive for even more in another area os the Colbeck Capital Management financial expert, Jason Colodne. The co-founder and Managing Partner at Colbeck has taken up the executive producer role on a number of movies in recent years and proven he has an eye for choosing successful projects that can be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

The career of Jason Colodne began in the mid-1990s when he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in History and Finance. The graduate did not wait around when it came to starting his career and set his sights high in terms of the financial institutions he was willing to work with. After leaving college in 1994, Colodne had arrived at Goldman Sachs in 1998 where he became the Head of Distressed Research, Investing, and Hybrid Lending. The New York-based investment specialist moved from Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley where he became the managing director of Strategic Financing and continued his expert role in identifying distressed business opportunities.

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Despite the success, he had achieved at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Jason Colodne found his most recent and long-lasting success with the decision to start his own Colbeck Capital Management brand. The company was formed with the aim of using the skills of Colodne as an expert in the identification of business opportunities with companies who are in some form of financial difficulties. The strategic objectives of Jason Colodne and his staff at Colbeck are to identify brands which can be aided in returning to good financial health. The work of Jason Colodne at Colbeck is all-consuming with the Managing Partner working to ensure all documentation, such as loan paperwork and the execution of loans that are created to protect all parties and maintain the excellent reputation of Colbeck.

Like most successful people, Jason Colodne has a long history of looking to help others in the best possible ways including providing his time for charitable organizations. One of the groups that are closest to the heart of Jason Colodne is the Young Professionals Organization-Metro New York. In giving his time and expertise to the young professionals of New York, the Hollywood film producer is giving back in terms of his own time and expertise.

Chasing his dreams is something Jason Colodne has chosen to do even after he has achieved success in the financial sector. For Colodne, the desire to enter the film industry was strong and was achieved in 2012 with his decision to take part in the production of “Act of Valor” as an executive producer. Jason Colodne did not rest on his laurels in the years after the successful release of “Act of Valor” and set out to follow this up with other movies. The release of “Beyond the Lights” in 2014 saw Colodne become involved in an Oscar-nominated movie and pushed him to achieve more than ever before in both his financial work and his movie industry dealings.

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