JD.Com Dominance In The Online Industry

JD.com is the biggest when it comes to online retailers in China and still stands to be the largest internet company in the country. Their business is committed to ensuring they meet quality standards, authenticity, and a more extensive array of products. Currently, their products range from cosmetic products, electronics, to even selling fresh food products. This online giant has been able to satisfy ’China’s population by 99%. This show how much the company has invested in the fulfillment network across the country. Their service delivery is undisputable across the global, due to their efficiency and speed. Statistically, they can serve more than 300 million people nationwide.

JD.com Technology Infrastructur

This online retailer company uses Vitess to manage their database services. It was necessary since their MySQL database had grown Larger and their performance was affected. Adopting to Vitess has enabled JD.com to handle its vast database and increase their efficiency in offering quality services. This is because of the elasticity, and scalability brought by Vitess on database clusters.
Therefore, automation of operations is fine-tuned and has reduced maintenance functions. This leads to reductions in resources and labor.

Besides that, JD.com has the most extensive logistics infrastructure in China. It covers more than 99% of its population, with a 90% rate of orders delivered within the same or next day. Haifeng Liu is JD.com’s Chief architect in charge of the company’s technological development and infrastructure in retail. Liu has pushed innovation to a higher level and has developed a reliable platform, which is the cornerstone of JD’s businesses.

The Secret Behind their Online Breakthrough

This online retailer company was among the early adopters of Vitess. Liu and his team have worked and grown with Vitess. They give it credit for creating efficiency. Recently, they have upgraded into the latest version known as Vitess 3.0 which the retailer online infrastructure department in JD.com, see it as a revolution in handling and management of their database.

The ’company’s success is mainly attributed to its adaptability to technological advancement and taking a risk in innovations. JD’s success serves as a motivation for all online retailer companies. Through them, China has been able to compete with other countries in online dominance.

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