Jimmy John Liautaud Is Still A Man With A Plan

Nearly everyone has a life plan. Plans are essential when it comes thinking about the world.

This may include a family, starting a business or just taking it easy. One person who has seen his own plans realized is businessman Jimmy John Liautaud. In 1983, he began his career with an idea that he could sell sandwiches to college kids.

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Today, that plan has expanded to 2802 and counting locations. With over two billion in sales and, as a billionaire in his own right, it would be easy for him to sit back and rest on his laurels.

But that’s not Jimmy John Liautaud. He may have earned an incredible fortune but he still takes the helm to help customers get a marvelous sandwich eating experience.

Early Beginnings

It all began so long ago when he was a young man. He saw his father struggle until his father found a profitable niche. Liautaud decided that he could find the same kind of success if he could find a a similarly profitable slice of the market.

He realized the that the right kind of location could ultimately make a difference. It’s a philosophy that he adhered to when opening up. Serving college kids became his lifeline. He decide to distinguish himself by adding in delivery. College kids could choose to have him deliver their sandwiches right to their dorm rooms for a single quarter. This proved irresistible to kids who wanted something to eat and wanted it as fast as possible for a low fee.

Taking Off

As his business expanded, it became clear that he’d found his path. The first twelve months were a tremendous success. He put in eighteen hour days but he earned six figures in the process.

When nine of ten business efforts fail in the first year, his work clearly put him in a great place. He did even better. The resulting profits allowed him to pay back his father’s startup loan and claim full ownership of the entire business venture.

This early success made it obvious he had what it took to create an ongoing success.

Gearing Up

After the first opening, he decided that it would be a good idea to think about opening up a new shop. His second effort was also situated near a college campus. This was Champaign, Illinois where the company is current headquartered today.

He thought about ways to reach out to people in the area with new and innovative ideas about playful advertising. A decade after he opened his second shop, he was making more than a million dollars in profits on his investments. At that point he had ten shops in the area.

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It was clear this was a good way to go and use his initial idea to expand into new places. He has only seen his company continue to grow from those first small efforts. It’s been a long fun ride that enables him to find a life path.

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