One of the earliest successes in network business modeling came from Kynect, a Dallas, Texas marketing company. Its goal was to link consumers and suppliers in the energy industry to create an environment where affordability, profit, and business-building flourishes. Now that Kynect has been rebranded, it exhibits an even more robust model that is centered on people helping people.

Kynect’s founder, Rob Snyder, is excited about his company’s newest ventures. This venture is powered by the needs of people groups, and their potential to create wealth. Whenever someone needs to purchase services like wireless internet, home heating, or security, they can go through a major corporation, or a private representative. Kynect is empowering thousands of individuals to start their own niche for providing these services. This model allows entrepreneurs to profit from helping their peers find affordable services. Read This Article to learn more.

Of course, every entrepreneur who uses Kynect to “connect” with consumers builds the potential for profit. In order to recognize the efforts of company affiliates, Kynect has designed a unique rewards system for its top performers. Along with their extraordinary earnings, the best performers will receive vacation packages. Top associates will earn Kynect Getaway vacation packages to some of the poshest resorts in Mexico.

The ultimate goal of Kynect is still the smooth distribution of commodities to a wide range of people. Consumers have a better chance of purchasing needed services like wireless internet and fuels through independent contractors. The model that Kynect has established ensures that outlets are available to make this happen.

Consumers who benefit from the opportunities that Kynect Associates provide do so in many ways. They can take advantage of select market prices, and they can become Kynect members. In the best multi-level marketing tradition, people who benefit from the Kynect system can turn their fortune into a money-making opportunity. As more consumers join the Kynect network, profitability is shared throughout the purchasing model. Anyone interested in learning more about this model is encouraged to contact Kynect directly at


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