Lori Senecal, the Witty Brain behind Digital Advertising

Lori Senecal is an advertisement guru, which is evident from how she analyses the markets, uses the analysis to her advantage and creates adverts through great leadership in digital marketing. Lori argues that an operational company must come up with a marketing campaign that has a strong message to be conveyed to the target audience. Once the message is disseminated from the company, it should be such that the audience can decode it, who will in turn act accordingly by the inspiration obtained from the advert.

On Ad Week, Lori affirms that with the advancement in technology and the frequency of use of the internet, the popularity of pictures is higher than messages that are dull and incapable of amassing the attention captured by photos. Using picture together with audios has been seen to be the best form of advertisement production as they transcend and go beyond the linguistic differences of the audience.

Digital advertising should aim for the hearts of the public by creating ads that can break the consumer apathy and grant them the push to share the advertisements on various media platforms. That form of advertising should also focus on using real people in the ads to aid in establishing a connection between the audience and the company and making it likely for them to share the ads. The ads should be formatted in a manner that they appeal to the interests of the viewers by giving them strong colors to make them delightful and eliminate the annoyances that might arise.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the Global Chief Executive Officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky Limited Liability Company. At this company, Lori assumes the role of ensuring that the company expands its operations significantly on a global scale. According to Salary, she gained her experience in this field by working with different industry-leading organizations.

Lori Senecal also gained passion and support from the women she worked within the various organizations. That saw her formulate and implement a brilliant human resource management strategy that raised the representation of KBS. Lori Senecal used to work for KBS as part of her mentorship program. Check out her full profile on crunchbase.com.