Luke Lazarus Changing the Australian Business World One Startup at a Time

 A Business Consultant Who Is Changing the World

How would you like to know you were changing the world? Maybe it wouldn’t be the entire world, but it would be a world that you were so familiar with. It was virtually the whole world.

Certain people are in the news every day who we have never heard of because they were off in a laboratory working on some formula or producing a cancer cure. The same happens in many professional businesses. We might hear of a lawyer who cracked a groundbreaking case before the Supreme Court, or a business person who landed a deal that allows free trade to go on unhindered in a third world country.

Bravo to those who think outside the box and end up changing the world because they thought they could. Such is the case of Luke Lazarus.

Business leaders in Australia have heard of Luke Lazarus because he grew up in Perth and had his first encounters with business as a young boy of eight years of age. It was then that he experienced how great it is to put his thoughts on paper and realize them in business.

Finding Business Success

Before Luke Lazarus could reap the benefits of the success, he felt destined for he first had to apply himself in his homeschooling and later in college.

He excelled in his studies as well as in sports in Perth, and by the time he wanted to attend college he had drawn attention from several universities, Ivy League and others, abroad, which offered him free education if he would cross the continents and go to a school in America.

Luke Lazarus decided to remain in his home country and enrolled at Melbourne Business School in its Masters of Business Administration. He graduated from the program at the top of his class.

Luke Lazarus was eager to get out into the business field and execute the business plans he had been working with, planning and contemplating during hi days at Melbourne Business School.

Starting Several Businesses

It wasn’t long before Luke Lazarus has his first business underway and was working with those who were making his business a success.

He felt drawn to develop several companies over several years after finishing his MBA. Luke Lazarus was experiencing what he had envisioned business would be like following study, application, and hard work.

Luke Lazarus — Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Lazarus enjoyed his work so passionately and the thrill of building something that consumers enjoyed and profited their lives that by the time he was eight years out of his MBA, Luke Lazarus had planned and executed four different successful businesses. Luke Lazarus chose to sell all four of his companies for a reasonable market price. He moved on to another expression of his business plans.

Why Is a Consultant Needed in the Business World?

While considering what he would do net Like Lazarus asked what he could do that would use all his experience and knowledge as a way to provide the best help to others in the business world and he came up with a plan which would allow him to provide guidance and insights or counseling to startups that were struggling.

In 2013 Luke Lazarus launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia. Luke Lazarus crosses the great Australian continent where he can work with struggling startup businesses.

His goal was to lead startup businesses to a new level of success. He has experienced many of his startups go from practically nothing in sales to launching a successful IPO on the floor of a major stock exchange. Anyone who wants to inquire about Luke Lazarus Consultancy can do so here.

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