Luke Lazarus in the Business Consulting Industry

Luke Lazarus is a startup marketing consultant with over two decades of experience in guiding corporate leaders to succeed in business plans as well as in setting priorities.

As a successful individual in the corporate startup sector, Luke Lazarus typically begins his days with the medication of between 10 to 15 minutes and then involves in a busy day ahead. He generates his ideas by focusing on designing solutions to problems henceforth improving the marketplace. Besides, the experience gained throughout his career enables him to develop strategies essentials to help startups grow.

As a young graduate with an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School, Luke Lazarus utilized business essentials, which enabled him to sell four companies in less than ten years.

The experience gained him the motivation to work with different enterprises; establishing and struggling, enhancing their growth. During his time in the industry, Luke Lazarus considers business plans as the primary drive to creating a well-established and personalized guide for a successful business.

Besides, Luke Lazarus suggests that a successful business plan brings out the complete financial model accompanied by limitations and visions. The business plan, therefore, provides a product story to both clients and employees in flexible terms enabling people to understand it better.

The communication method has also allowed Luke Lazarus to offer a continuous storytelling technique allowing him to gain the attention of multiple startups in need of financial support. Similarly, the presentations relate to accounts of daily experiences accompanied by persistent study of the market and factors affecting them. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

According to Luke Lazarus, knowledge in e-commerce, especially on scalable business models, allows clients to learn what to expect from customers and competitors.

As such, he generates cost-effective and coordinated techniques essential for clients to understand marketing plans, therefore, encouraging organized and successful sales.

However, failures usually occur, primarily due to a lack of planning when guiding startups. More so, Luke Lazarus helps young entrepreneurs the need to believe in what they do while accepting the challenges affecting a given outcome. Subsequently, self-confidence is the most crucial factor to consider, as it significantly helped him make a difference in the industry.

About Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is an Australian business consultant currently serving as the CEO and founder at Luke Lazarus Consulting based in Sydney, Australia. He pursued his education at Melbourne Business School, graduating with a degree and later with an MBA in Executive Business Administration in 2004.

Growing up in Perth, Lazarus relocated to Melbourne where he attained his education before venturing into his career. He began his career at Freelance serving as the Startup Business Consultant in October 2005 and left in April 2014.

Luke Lazarus successful sale four companies enabled him to become and the most successful individual in Australia. Henceforth, he became passionate about guiding startups to grow and reach their potentials in the competitive market today.

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