Maarten De Jeu’s Exceptional Experience And Tips In International Business

Maarten De Jeu is a seasoned expert in international business, commercial real estate investment, and other financial services. De Jeu launched his own consultancy firm, the SVM Business Advisory in 2012. He received his MBA from Oxford and finished at the top of his class. As an expert in his craft, De Jeu already collaborated with executives from the Fortune 100 companies and tech startups and already worked on projects in Europe, Asia, and North America. Being multilingual has helped him a lot for his success.


Before starting his own company, Maarten De Jeu already worked with top international brands as a consultant with TVDK Management Consultants. He worked with top brands Sara Lee, ING, and Heinz. In addition, he is also a member of numerous clubs such as the Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Environmental Law and Policy Center. Building a business is already a hard feat. According to De Jeu, it is even more difficult to grow a business in a foreign market. De Jeu recommends considering four things before venturing outside your local market.


Maarten De Jeu recommends making a product feasibility study in order to know how to create a great strategy in a foreign market. In order to do that, you need to confirm things, including the demand for your product in the area. Search for competitors and find out their strategies and prices. This will enable your company to determine if you can enter the market with a competitive yet profitable price. And if it is possible, build a plan that will interest the locals to check your brand and your products.


Another segment to look out for is the culture of the new market, especially the language. Culture and language differ in a lot of places in the world. To better market your brand, you need to know what kind of marketing strategy will work. Culture and language give a big impact on this area. In order to avoid offending items in your marketing campaign, Maarten De Jeu recommends hiring an efficient company representative who is fluent in the local language. It’s better to do your homework, understand how culture works, and devise a plan for a better marketing strategy.


A company planning to expand in a foreign country should also learn the local laws and policies regarding business operations. Make sure to stay on the good side of the law in order to enjoy operating in the country. Laws and regulations including tax laws, employment laws, protection, and intellectual property laws. Considering professional help from an international business expert is a good idea to simplify the process. Learn more:


Last but not least, find a way to standardize operations between company branches. Search for processes, materials, and partners that can help you in your operations. Make sure that the quality of the products from the HQ is the same as your new market.

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