Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform Protects Assets through Tokenization

Tokenization gives sensitive data a unique symbol of identification. Under the revolutionary WAX Platform pioneered by OPSkins and President Malcolm CasSelle, tokenization enables users to protect digital assets. It also allows users of the new P2P network to market such asset for instantaneous purchase and sell their wares without even having leave their screen. WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), a decentralized marketplace and P2P network, is heralded by many as the future of cryptocurrency. Using blockchain-enabled widgets, the market provides freedom from fragmentation and fraud, and allows frictionless selling. It is the current project for CasSelle, who has been at the forefront of the digital world for decades.

Starting back in the 90’s within the confines of the dial up age, CasSelle was a founder, leader, and top executive for numerous companies in the digital spectrum. A graduate of MIT with a bachelor’s in Computer Sciences, and a master’s from Stanford for the same major, CasSelle’s experience is primarily in digital transactions. Currently he serves as CIO for OPSkins, but before that he was CEO of Timeline Labs, Senior Vice President and GM for SeaChange International Inc., as well as CTO and President of new ventures for Tronc Inc. CasSelle co-founded NetNoir, the first outside company to gain acceptance into the AOL Greenhouse Program.

WAX is the solution to the geographic fragmentation problem plaguing the decentralized market concept. If a user conducts business on a platform without using a utility token, they cannot deal with users using different digital denomination. After all Bitcoin is only one form of cryptocurrency. In order to deal in varying types of currency there has to be middle management. WAX tokenization makes cryptocurrency common, so a middleman is not needed. Using blockchains outfitted with DPOS algorithms, WAX P2P network is faster, decentralized, flexible, safe, and efficient.

Malcom CasSelle is also an advisor and mentor for individual and companies interested in Bitcoins. He was an early investor in the Bitcoin market, as well as Facebook. He is a graduate from MIT and Stanford with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Computer Sciences.