Michael Hagele: The Technology Lawyer So Frequently Called Upon

When you are really great at what you do it shows. Michael Hagele is one of the people who knows what that experience is like. He is frequently asked to be an outside council for technology companies in particular.

Most companies today understand that they need competent lawyers to help navigate the tricky legal landscape that they face on a daily basis. It is just too easy to slip up and make a mistake when trying to steer such a large ship as it were. Therefore, many have called upon Michael Hagele to be that council for them. Follow Michael Hagele on Tumblr


Much of the work that Michael Hagele makes himself busy with is licensing work for technology companies. This is the kind of legal work that some other attorneys shy away from due to how dry it is but not Hagele. He knows that this is a necessary service that he can provide to any technology company with standard needs.

Having solid legal paperwork to back up the creation of a particular product helps a company focus on the things that matter a lot more to it. Therefore, Michael sees the work that he does as a peace of mind kind of business in some sense.

In The Heart Of California

You don’t have to look far to find Michael Hagele if you happen to be a Silicon Valley technology startup business. He is right in your neck of the woods so to speak. He has his offices there in the city and is available to pick up new clients on an as needed basis. He is highly reviewed by those who have already worked with him in the past so you know he can help almost any business with their particular legal needs. He intends to continue working in this particular field for some time to come.

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