Milan Kordestani: A Modern Renaissance Man

San Fransisco Bay Area native, Milan Kordestani, is a successful young businessman. Passionate about animals from a young age, he is a championship horseman and has successfully competed in several prestigious equestrian events, including the World Championship Horse Show and the American Royal.

In 2015, while a sophomore at Sacred Heart Preparatory School in Atherton, California, his passion for animals led him to found Milan Farms, an organic farming business. In 2018, just one year after graduating from high school, Kordestani launched a second business, Guin Records, a record label, with his sister Misha Kordestani.

Milan Farms:

Kordestani’s Milan Farms is a network of farms throughout the United States focused on the production of poultry, eggs, saffron, and mint. Milan Farm’s goal is to provide consumers an honest option for organic food and eliminate any secrets from the farming process. The company emphasizes the humane treatment of its animals. Since its inception in 2015, Milan Farms has grown to three separate farms, distributing eggs throughout the west coast and Colorado.

Kordestani serves as Milan Farm’s CEO and is personally involved in farming. He is an innovator and especially interested in hydroponic farming, becoming the first farmer to grow saffron hydroponically using microfiber sponges. In addition to his hydroponic research, he is currently researching variations in the mineral levels in the water used for hydroponic and aquaponic farming.

Guin Records:

Along with his sister, Misha Kordestani, Kordestani started a record label, Guin Records, with the release of Guin’s inaugural album, “Uncharted,” in 2018. “Uncharted” is a collection of original work by more than 20 rising hip-hop artists and producers. Guin seeks to provide an opportunity for new artists to share their work while retaining creative control of the product. The Kordestani siblings decided to launch the business together to combine Misha’s ability to spot musical talent with Milan’s business acumen. Songs from Guin’s first album are available on Spotify, iTunes, and the label’s website.

The Future:

It is clear from Milan Kordestani’s early success that he is a modern Renaissance man.