NewsWatch TV Contour Designs Review


Bridge Communications owned television show NewsWatch Tv just might be a good bet to work with and partner up for promotional purposes in order to succeed with different types of campaigns. NewsWatch TV has been around since the 90’s and has put out high-quality television that features information on entertainment, technology, business, and new trends in healthcare. NewsWatch’s HealthWatch explains the latest information on advances and breakthroughs in the medical industry to consumers. NewsWatch is available through several networks and is aired on the Ion and the AMC channel which is owned by the AMC network. NewsWatch TV is viewable on cable, Dish Network, Direct TV, and several syndicated stations. Viewers who don’t have access to cable, Direct or Dish network but have access to popular media platform YouTube can view several NewsWatch TV segments on the NewsWatch TV YouTube channel.


Besides informational segments on health, technology, and business NewsWatch TV does air some segments on celebrity news and gaming. NewsWatch Tv viewers can find short reviews on mobile gaming applications. Viewers can find the most recent episodes on the NewsWatch TV website. Access to the story archive gives viewers a chance to look at older episodes. Viewers who would like the ease of hearing the latest NewsWatch TV news are able to subscribe to NewsWatch TV ’s podcast The Official NewsWatch Podcast on iTunes.


NewsWatch TV partnered with Contour Design on a promotional campaign that targeted U.S employees and employers that were interested in products that created a healthy work environment through the use of ergonomic off supplies. NewsWatch TV helped Contour Design to gain increased exposure and sales of their ergonomic workstation by combining online and television advertising. Bret Hudson, the Product Marketing Manager of Contour Design attributes the success of the campaign to NewWatch TV.