Nicolas Krafft importance to fashion and beauty

L’Oreal Paris held an annual fashion and beauty event on a floating catwalk in the city of France. They showcased their unique looks and offered an opportunity for the brands. The brands were dedicated to their work and enabled the products to be available to their customers. Diversity in women’s beauty was the central aspect of the event. The event was attended by various famous individuals such as Eva Longoria and Louise Bourgoin, who walked on the floating stage. It was a chance to show the latest fashion trends and appreciate the culture of our generation.

Nicolas Krafft utilized 20 years at L’Oreal to manage and transform departments into doing better in the industry. In the L’Oreal Paris event, which was under his management, the hair stylist and the make-up artist did 70 different styles. There were huge screens all over town, which allowed everyone around to see the event. The event got filmed by drones, which are the new technology in shooting events at different angles. The broadcast was aired to 30 different nations helping the brand to reach their potential customers. It is through this event that their supplies and sales improved significantly.

Nicolas Krafft holds an executive position at Pulp Riot, and his mandate is to execute approaches globally. He has utilized his analytical skills with L’Oreal in different roles he has managed, such as marketing and digital strategy. The entrepreneur pursued his studies finance and accounting from the University of St. Gallen. Later, he began his marketing journey as a product manager in Canada. Afterward, he moved to Germany after he acquired his marketing skills and expertise. Due to his entrepreneurial spirit and interest in Asian culture, he went to Asia, where he led the launching of Matrix. In this position, Nicolas Krafft operated on product development to fulfill the needs of the countries and assisted them in setting up distribution. After spending five years in L’Oreal, he went to New York to work with DMI. Here, the businessman was to assist the company in improving its profits and diversifying to Northern America. In this role, he acquired skills to manage appropriately by using mutual influence and information.