One Unconventional CEO and Her Zany Success

Whether she is astonishing the masses with new hair colors, the release of outrageous makeup palettes, or the fact that she maintains a company that is one of the most followed on social media in the world, Doe Deere of Lime Crime is making waves as a female entrepreneur. When asked how she has been able to achieve so much success, her answers were fairly concise.

“Today, the name stands for color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines! It encourages us to have fun with color and not to take ourselves too seriously,” stated the beauty when asked the most important question of where Lime Crime got its name. From there, she described her business strategy of marketing on social media. Though she admits this form of marketing has its challenges, she exclaimed her appreciation for how connected it makes her with her fans. “It’s huge for us,” stated the fairly stellar CEO. All of this information perfectly supported why Deere and Lime Crime has remained relevant in such a cutthroat industry. It also opened the door for better understanding Deere as a person.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns was born in Russia. Living a normal childhood growing up, the only abnormality was her obsession for colors and mix-matching patterns. Her interest in music was hard to ignore, as she was regularly singing and seemingly tapping a beat throughout the majority of the day. The moment Deere was able, she moved to the United States in 1999 to pursue her music career. The formation of the rock band, Sky Salt, placed this original soul with two friends, and a man who would soon be her husband. Read more:

When she was not practicing with her band, this newly established US citizen was designing loli-inspired dresses and selling them on eBay under the domain name, Lime Crime. When the public began noticing Deere’s talent for makeup, she realized where her real path in life was leading, so instead of making and selling dresses under her chosen domain name, she began making and selling makeup. The fans began to pile up as they had never seen such zany shades before. Less than a decade later, the company is among the most popular in the world and sustains a heavy presence on social media, specifically Instagram. Check it out! @doedeere