OSI Group Is Making Food For McDonalds And Also Making Meatless “Meat”

OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois, not far from Chicago. It has been around for over one hundred years and is a food supplier to restaurants such as McDonalds. Impossible Foods, which makes a meatless burger, has recently started gaining popularity as it was introduced into Burger King restaurants. The demand has become so great for the vegan burger that Impossible Foods needed to seek out a manufacturer to help it keep up with it, and the manufacturer that it chose to get the job done was OSI Group McDonalds.

OSI Group has delivered high-quality food to many restaurants throughout the years. It has facilities not only in the Chicago area but all around the world and one of the biggest partnerships that it has made over the years is with McDonalds. People are getting curious about whether or not the fast-food chain will start serving the Impossible Foods meatless burger now that it and its manufacturer have made a connection. No one has confirmed it yet but when asked if it would be happening, the senior vice president of Impossible Foods responded that it can’t be ruled out as a possibility.

Impossible Foods didn’t expect to receive such a big response from consumers and that is why it didn’t have a plan for how to make as many burgers as were needed in such a short time after introducing it into Burger King restaurants. It knew that it needed to make a partnership with a manufacturer that has the experience and the facilities to get the meatless burgers needed quickly and OSI Group was the logical choice because of how many years it has been in the industry and the connections that it established with fast food brands. Impossible Foods sells its products to 400 distributors and is adding new restaurants to the list all of the time.

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