Edwin Miranda: The Key To Successful Modern Marketing

Edwin Miranda is one of the most innovative, established and most prominent individuals in the marketing industry. Edwin is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of KOI IXS – a company focused on providing full-service and performance-driven marketing. Edwin makes sure that he keeps innovating and creating new platforms for his clients to market their brands. Edwin is also supported by a very talented and committed group of artists that helps him propel KOI IXS forward.

Edwin Miranda is very traditional when it comes to organizing his activities. Edwin keeps a to-do list for his daily activities, and weekly activities. He makes sure that his to-do list is accomplished the night before so that he has no down time the following day. Edwin lists short term goals that lead to long term accomplishments – he also goes into detail on who is involved, what is involved and the deadlines involved. Edwin makes sure that he is consistent so that he is always productive, he religiously follows his to-do list because it is very effective for him.

Edwin Miranda makes it a point that he is only surrounded with the people he can trust, he keeps his circle small, but the quality is held of the highest standard. More importantly when it comes to running his business, he only entrusts business tasks to people he trusts the most.

Edwin Miranda is an individual that keeps a positive attitude no matter what the situation is. In business, Edwin Miranda knew that setbacks and challenges were unavoidable, knowing this he made sure that in every challenge that came his way no matter how dark it can get, he made sure that he found the silver lining and stayed tenacious and resilient. Edwin made sure that he created learning opportunity in every drawback. He firmly believed in the cliche saying, “setbacks are only set ups for comebacks.”

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Thanks To Deirdre Baggot, The Healthcare Industry Is Being Introduced To Better Payment Systems

In the medical realm, there has been a substantial impact in recent years by a professional known as Deirdre Baggot. Her expertise is of very high value with regards to business strategies and payments systems in the modern medical industry. Academically, Baggot has produced some impressive results, with multiple degrees from Southern Illinois University, Loyola University and Denver’s University of Colorado. She has earned an M.B.A., a Ph.D. and also a nursing degree, making her one of the most well-educated candidates for her position. Visit her website at deirdrebaggot.com

Deirdre Baggot has truly found longevity in health care, having given her professional years to the industry ever since 1997, when took her first position in Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She learned how to coordinate resources as well as manage an administrative group. Later, she became useful to the University of Michigan Health System not only as an administrator, but also as an analyst. She would eventually have her leadership qualities officially recognized and earn the Lean Sigma certification.

In Colorado, the place at which she found success is the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. Hundreds of the institution’s employees depended on her leadership, and she handled tasks like marketing, payments, recruitment and even developing business ideas. Deirdre went above and beyond and added to the organization 11 more much needed clinics in a few new locations. She also began working with GE Healthcare Partners, and she reached the role of Senior Vice President.

Payment systems, throughout her healthcare career, have been a key area of focus for Deirdre. Major publications in the realm of healthcare featured her, and Ms. Baggot has even been invited to NPR multiple times during her career. The National Bundled Payment Summit sought out Deirdre Baggot as its chair due to her impressive track record in the field and constant search for innovative payment solutions in healthcare.

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Peter Briger Honored With a Spot on the Much-Coveted Forbes Top 400 List

In the world of business and finance, Peter Briger is one of the most notable names. He has spent 15 years of his glorified career at Goldman, Sachs & Co and also another close to two decades and counting at Fortress Investment Group. He is the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group and also one of its four principals. Peter and the other principals namely Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman founded Fortress in 1998. This firm is a leading alternative asset management services provider with operations all over the world.

On the Forbes highly-coveted list

Peter Briger was named one of the top 400 professionals in the business and finance sector globally by a recent Forbes ranking. This prestigious recognition comes in light of his commitment and dedication towards success throughout his career. Peter Briger is known as a highly capable business leader, and this has been very clear in his career. During his 15-year stint at Goldman, Sachs and CO, he quickly rose through the ranks and was finally named partner in 1996. This success at Goldman, Sachs was as a result of his stellar leadership skills.

Growing Fortress Investment Group

The Forbes recognition also comes in light of his numerous contributions towards the growth of Fortress Investment Group according to many experts. Despite joining the global alternative asset management firm later, it is believed that he has made significant contributions to its growth. Peter Briger’s contribution as a highly capable leader is what has made this firm succeed. Ever since he joined the company, the company has expanded significantly in terms of the number of clients it serves. This number currently stands at 1750 private and corporate clients from all over the world with the total alternative assets under the firm’s management standing at $43 billion. Fortress Investment Group now also offers a plethora of services all thanks to Peter Briger. These services include capital markets opinions, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and asset-based investing are just but the top few. There is also the provision of sector-specific knowledge to its clients.

Wes Edens Is An Investor Who Likes To Push The Boundaries

Wes Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a successful businessman who has done a lot for the United States. When he was younger, he was a competitive skier and he also continues to be a rock climber for fun. In general, Edens likes to do things that make him uncomfortable. He finds that it helps him to feel centered and focused and recently climbed Cathedral traverse, which is a well-known climb in Jackson Hole. Edens admitted during his recent interview that it can take him a day or two to feel relaxed when he is on a getaway from work.

Wes Edens studied at Oregon State University but spent his first year in college in Montana at Montana State University. He loves the state of Montana but eventually decided to move to Oregon because he was ready for new things. His experience at Oregon State was a good one, and he feels that it was able to help him kickstart his professional career. He later moved to New York, which was an interesting move for a man who raised on a ranch in Montana. He found that he loved New York for its diversity, and he has been able to find a lot of success there. Wes Edens was named an underdog investor in The Wall Street Journal at one time, but he believes that underdogs are people who are just misunderstood.

His investment philosophy has him investing in ventures or brands where he sees potential that others don’t. He believes that these kinds of investments can be very fruitful and has been right, time-and-time-again. He took this approach when investing in the Milwaukee Bucks and has been able to take the team from where it was near the bottom to the top of success. Wes Edens has worked with many different companies and ventures over the years. He is known for his expertise ability to pick out a winner and is the man responsible for Brightline, which is a passenger-rail in Florida. He is also one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group and has made billions of dollars with the investment firm.


Businessman Guilherme Paulus Celebrates The Itaipu Golf Cup Held At One Of His Resorts

Businessman Guilherme Paulus is one of the biggest names in the Brazilian tourism and hospitality industries. In 1972 he co-founded CVC, a tourism agency and now the biggest in Latin America, and then, in 2005, he established GJP Hotels & Resorts which is a chain of hotels. After managing the day-to-day business of these companies for years he is now both firm’s chairman of the board where Guilherme Paulus concentrates on their long-term goals and aspirations. It was recently announced that he would be taking part in the Forum Connectivity – Business Hub event. This event is being held in Sao Paulo at the Renaissance Theater.

Guilherme Paulus will be speaking along with Arialdo Pino, the Secretary of Tourism for the state of Ceara. They will be speaking about Hub Training and how airports and agents can best work together to form a hub. Additionally, the will be talking about the issues surrounding Air France, Fortaleza, and Gol. He has worked with many government tourism officials over the years, including Marcel Alvaro who is the new Minister of Tourism. When Marcel Alvaro came on board, Guilherme Paulus says that the first priority was holding a conversation and finding out what the biggest players in the tourism industry, including CVC, had as their main objectives.

He also praised the former Minister of Tourism saying that he was fantastic during the transition let alone all the great work he had done over the past few years. When Guilherme Paulus was talking about the new Minister of Tourism, he was at the Itaipu Golf Cup. This golf tournament was taking place at one of the GJP Hotels & Resorts finest resorts, the Wish Foz do Iguacu Resort. He was in a celebratory mood and was happy that the final stage of this tournament was at one of his own resorts. He said that there were 72 players still remaining and that his team had done a great job getting the course prepared for championship level play. Pros from throughout South America were there including players from Argentina and Paraguay.

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Richard Liu Qiandong Seeks to Create the Largest E-commerce Platform in the World

In 1998, Richard Liu Qiandong, the Chairman and Chief Executive of China’s largest e-commerce platform, JD.com, was a relative unknown in the retail business. Through a combination of sweat-equity and innovation, JD.com’s Founder built his small retail chain into one of the largest online retailers in the world, now estimated to be worth more than $12 billion. Despite the company’s unprecedented growth, which has increased by 100 percent each year, Richard Liu has no plans of slowing down, and instead, looks to further expand his empire into Southeast Asia, as well as the United States and Europe.

As a youth in the town of Suqian, located in China’s Jiangsu province, Richard Liu Qiandong assisted in his family’s business, operating in the coal-shipping industry. Throughout his upbringing, education was championed, and he was encouraged to excel in all of the activities that he participated in. This will to succeed followed Richard Liu throughout his career, and by the time he was accepted to The People’s University of China, he already held ambitions of entrepreneurial pursuits. While he majored in Sociology, eventually garnering a Bachelor’s degree, he also understood the importance of being well-rounded, learning, in his free time, the inner workings of computer coding. Although money was scarce at the time, he supported himself by providing freelance coding work for a number of established entities.

Upon graduating, he noticed that many of his peers were going abroad to study, while others were seeking employment with the government, but with little money saved, he decided to take a position with Japan Life, eventually earning the title of Director of Computers. After leaving Japan Life, Richard Liu opened his first physical store in Beijing, selling magneto-optical products. This venture was immediately successful and his small operation soon expanded to twelve locations. By 2003, Richard Liu Qiandong was a flourishing entrepreneur but was soon forced to rethink his strategy at the onset of the SARS epidemic. He opted to supplement the losses by creating an online entity, and soon, JD.com was officially born. Today, Richard Liu heads the largest e-commerce platform in China.

JD.com’s Strategic Partnership

When it comes to successful online direct sales companies in China today, JD.com is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Started by Qiangdong Liu in 1998 after a virus threatened to close down his retail business, it has continued to affirm its position in not only the China online space but across the world as well. The company believes that they offer their consumers an online experience that is not only unique but also different. Through their user-friendly and content-rich website, they can provide various authentic products at a competitive price. They also make sure that the goods their clients’ orders are delivered reliably and speedily.

Thanks to its successful business ventures, JD.com has not only received recognition from countries across the world but also successful businesses in various parts of the world. This has helped it form strategic partnerships that have enabled it to grow and build the online retail industry to greater heights. One of the companies it has recently developed a friendship with is Farfetch. Farfetch Limited is among the leading global technology platform that deals with the luxury fashion industry. For JD.com, this meant not only a partnership but also a merger that brought together these two companies as one.

The agreement about the merger enabled JD.com not only to have access to the 3000 luxury brands using Farfetch network; it also enabled Farfetch to gain a level one entry to the JD app. This means that they acquire access to at least 300 million customers making it easier for them to offer more than 3000 brands of fashion luxury brands. This merger will also help the companies build on their existing relationship, which began in July 2017. Ever since their relationship began, both companies have not only benefited, but it has helped strengthen their China business. The expanded agreement between both companies helps in not only reestablishing their relationship but also expanding their business on a global platform. This will also help the luxury industry grow since it is also a significant component of the JD fashion brand. This merger will also make it possible for JD to continue working with luxury brands enabling them to offer end-to-end luxury shopping experiences to their customers.

Rick Cofer Teams Up with Kind Clinic to Support the LBGTQ Community and Other Minority Groups in Austin

Austin is an attractive tourist destination with bat population exceeding the city residents. The city is also known as a friendly place for the LGBTQ community. The growing number of people in the city has given rise to the need for affordable, comprehensive care.

In 2018, the Kind Clinic in Austin partnered with Rick Cofer’s law office to organize Halloween ball for the benefit of the LGBTQ community as well as its healthcare needs. Although the city is very accommodative to the LGBTQ community, wellness security is missing. While the general look at the minority group might indicate a thriving LGBTQ community, homelessness, safety and food insecurity affects many members of the community.

According to a survey, over 50% of participants admitted to have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. Additionally, more than half of the participants have been affected by financial insecurity making it hard for them to get quality medical care. It is even of greater concern to note that religiously-inclined health facilities are being discriminative against the LGBTQ community making it even harder for them to access quality medical care.

The few health resources in Austin have been strained with people coming from all over Texas for health care services. The Kind Clinic in Austin recognized that the already struggling LGBTQ community is facing big health care challenge. It now serves the members of the community including transgender, gay, and gender-nonconforming people. The firm has been proving unparalleled health care services with an emphasis on sexual health. It serves all Austin residents without discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender. Some of the services The Kind Clinic offers include pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis medications for people who are at the risk of being exposed to HIV, reports gazetteday.com

The Kind Clinic organized the Show Us Your Fantasy Ball event to encourage creativity and expression. It aimed at demonstrating to the residents that the healthcare firm embraces inclusion and acceptance of sexual preferences. The inclusion and acceptance enables people to talk freely on matters concerning sex making it easy to get treatment for sex-related illness. The event received unwavering support from Rick Cofer, a successful criminal defense attorney who promotes inclusive values in Austin.

Rick Cofer is known in the city for serving the community, especially vulnerable minority groups including LGBTQ and the homeless. As a member of Texas Health Action and Kind Clinic’s board of directors, he seeks to better the lives of Austin residents. He sees every Austin community member as an individual and that is part of the reason why he is passionate about helping the Austin LGBTQ community members. Rick Cofer is committed to creating a better environment for Austin community residents. He served on the Democratic National Committee. He also served at Austin Parks and Recreation Board as the Vice Chairman. To know more about Rick Cofer visit inspirery.com

Business Advice From Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the president of Grandfood, a neighborhood supermarket chain, and is also the CEO of Eucatex. As the Chief Executive of Eucatex, Flavio oversees the marketing, production, sales, and all other matters related to Eucalyptus Tree products. Eucalyptus is prized around the world for its naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and general cleansing properties. Eucatex uses it in paints, stains, flooring, MDF wood, high-density fiberwood (composite board), doors (cleverly named Ecuadoors), and office partitions to name a few. Connect with Flavio Maluf by visiting his linkedin account.

Their goals and objectives are incredibly modern in terms of sustainability, compared to other production companies which utilize wood for their products. Eucatex is committed to the integrity of sustainable forest harvesting through its high-productivity forests, which promote competitive costs through social growth. They respect the working conditions of employees very much and are extremely committed to environmental legislation of countries in which their trees are harvested. Eucatex is admittedly committed to excellence in all areas of business and community life.

As a matter of fact, they have won many awards for the results of these efforts and care of the community. In 2012 they were voted one of the top 10 best companies in corporate citizenship of Brazil (according to Gestão RH Magazine)… In 2010 they won the Brazil Protection Award for the Occupational Safety and Health of Workers… and in 2007 they won the Home Planet Award for sustainable products.

But all of this did not come easy: it took much hard work and high morals to achieve a business which is extremely productive and eco-friendly for the world. Flavio’s advice for anyone trying to make it in the business world is to not pretend like it’s easy. Know that you will probably work harder and make way less money at first, and if you are not careful then you may not become successful in the long run. Growing a business from the ground up takes time with consistent effort in order to achieve great results.

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Neurotherapy Could be a Future Training Method for Athletes

Most athletes are always trying to get the edge when they are performing on the field or court. They typically turn to the gym or conditioning to improve their athletic abilities. A lot of athletes also watch film, develop their skills and work on their technique. There is also another element to improving an athlete’s performance has to do with brain training. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore understands that an athlete’s brain is an important part of their performance. What this means is that a person’s brain defines how they react, play and move on a field. Kirk Cousins is an NFL quarterback who has utilized neurofeeback training in the past. He utilized this form of therapy to develop his skills and to build up his confidence.

Cousins has stated that Neurocore therapy has the potential to become a new type of training that will become standard for most professional athletes. Brain training exercises and regimens can improve an athlete’s ability to focus and concentrate on the field or court. It can also help them to perform better in terms of their technique or playing ability. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore brain training techniques work by hooking up a person’s brain to EEG equipment. This equipment evaluates a person’s electrical current within their brain. Once this data has been collected Neurocore will create a specific program to help an athlete to perform at their best. The best thing about this service is that it is not a banned method for improving a player’s ability.

Athletes understand that the competition on the field or court is extremely fierce. Having the edge or advantage is always an issue. Players will always have to figure out how they are going to get ahead of the competition. Neurocore provides brain training services for athletes that has been proven to work for increasing players ability and their ability to win games.

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