Paul Herdsman’s Secret To Successful Employees

Paul Herdsman has been a successful entrepreneur for quite some time with several success stories. The most prominent of these has been NICE Global, a Jamaica-based customer service company. The company has been growing steadily for the past several years and has been working with a variety of U.S companies. Herdsman has been behind the majority of this success, being the company’s founder and serving as its COO since it was launched. Prior to this, he developed quite a considerable amount of expertise when it comes to customer service and its related aspects.

Chief among these have been customer retention, customer satisfaction, human resources and much more. Throughout this time, Paul Herdsman has also developed a reputation for the extensive amount of support that he provides to NICE Global’s staff. While this is something that came naturally to him, it’s set him apart from many of his competitors. This may have been one of the primary driver’s of the company’s success in the past few years, however. During this time, he’s invested a significant amount of resources into each employee, ensuring that they have the support needed to do their job effectively.

Not only has this meant that customers are left with a positive experience, but it has helped reflect positively on NICE Global’s customers. Perhaps one of the more important aspects of this has been an extensive amount of training for employees. Paul Herdsman has noted that employee support shouldn’t stop there, however. He’s noted that supporting employees is one of the primary factors in ensuring they’re comfortable with the decisions they make daily. Through this, Paul Herdsman notes that their confidence can grow as their skills improve. This also allows them to more effectively, and efficiently, make decisions on a regular basis while also letting them know that they’re making the right decision with each customer.

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