Perry Mandera Business Man and Community Activist

Perry Mandera is founder of The Custom Companies Incorporated which is located in Northlake, Illinois. He has been an executive in the transportation industry for over thirty years. The Illinois State Crime Commission or (ISCC) awarded Perry their Bishop Sheil Award in 2010. The following year the ISCC awarded him their Citizen of the Year Award. The ISCC is a nonprofit organization and works with the Police Athletic League. Their goal is to help to reduce juvenile delinquency and crime. Positive interactions between the police and the general public are also important to these organizations. They work in the area in and around Chicago Illinois helping to provide hands on training to the people in law enforcement.

For no cost the ISCC holds seminars open to the public. Gang violence, hand to hand combat, proper use of firearms, martial arts and providing security for public events are some of the issues that these seminars can cover. The ISCC supports legislation that strengthens existing crime laws which in their opinion helps to reduce crime. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sex offenses committed by juveniles and underage drug use and drinking are areas of crime which the ISCC seeks to strengthen penalties.

In addition to working with the ISCC The Custom Companies Incorporated has helped in their area of expertise, the transportation industry ( They have developed many ways to make it more efficient. The software that the company has developed is one of them. Cheetah Dispatch is computer software that helps the truck drivers of the company to gain access to valuable information. Proof of delivery and pickup times can be found. Each driver is provided with a satellite tracked tablet that eliminates unnecessary paperwork and provides real time visibility. The driver and the company know where they are at all times. This helps to keep things on track.

Warehouse Management System Software helps customers to track inventory while it is being delivered. Dock Management System Software is available. It is paperless and uses bar codes unique to each delivery. Perry Mandera is a business man that cares about his business but also his community.