Rick Cofer Contributions to Criminal Justice Reforms in Austin

Did you know that defending alleged child sex perpetrators in a court of law is extremely challenging? According to legal experts, the main reason why defending this class of people in a court is challenging is because of systemic discrimination. However, Rick Cofer is redefining this reality — by advocating changes in the legal systems. He is also passionate about eradicating flawed judgments and unlawful hurt the system puts children into — when looking for justice or when defending their innocence. In the last five years, Rick Cofer Law has become synonymous with human rights in the corridors of justice — in the USA and specifically in Austin.

In the past seven years, he has been pushing for reforms because he is one of the legal experts that believe in equal representation. In order to achieve reforms in the judicial system, he has worked with different lobby groups and activists. Rick Cofer understands that achieving equity in the legal world requires a multi-dimensional approach. He also points out that writing has also been one of the ways he has fought for reforms in this niche. In the last five years, he has written some of the best legal — both informative and thought-provoking — pieces on this niche. Through these approaches, the system is slowly changing, making legal representation ideal for all parties.

In addition to being vocal on challenges facing legal experts while defending suspects, Rick Cofer understands the importance of productivity in the legal world. For example, he understands that the recipe for winning cases and representing clients well is by being productive. According to him, winning cases and helping clients get better judgment and settlement is one of his main obligations as an attorney. Rick Cofer Law is home to productivity and better legal preparations in the world of legal representations in Austin. The following are some of the ways he is redefining productivity in the legal world.

First, he is a believer in systematic planning of tasks. Rick Cofer understands that planning is a game changer in time management. However, while planning, he understands that bringing all people on board is critical, and it is one of the best ways to maximize productivity. Second, he understands the importance of delegating tasks to his partners and juniors at Rick Cofer Law. Since he represents so many children in defense cases, he needs assistance from other professionals – both in preparations and writing legal responses. Thanks to his employees and professionals in his law firm, he is making legal representation a reality to hundreds of people.