Rick Scott Can’t Avoid Corruption Allegations

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced he would be running for the Florida Senate seat held by Democrat Bill Nelson.

Later that day End Citizens United, an pro-campaign finance reform PAC, formerly filed a complaint that Scott had violated campaign finance law. This isn’t the first time Scott had accused of financial crimes.

As CEO of healthcare group Columbia/HCA Scott was charged with various counts of fraud. Columbia/HCA had to pay $1.7 billion in fines and Scott resigned in disgrace, blaming his subordinates even though he himself had pleaded the 5th rather than testify in one civil trial. End Citizens United wants people to remember this.

Flash forward to 2018 and Scott shook off that scandal, became Governor and now is running for the Senate with the same cloud of corruption hanging over his head. End Citizens United brings charges that Scott used the PAC New Republican to illegally finance his campaign.

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Scott became chair of the New Republican PAC in May of 2017. He resigned when he announced his Senate run, but there is evidence that he is still involved with the group. End Citizens United sites such evidence as the PAC directly funding a Scott campaign poll, both organizations using the same fundraiser, Jenny Drucker, and that both New Republican and the Scott campaign used the same mailing address.

It is legal for anyone to give as much money as they want to the election of a candidate. but it is not legal to donate that way directly to the campaign. The contributions get funneled through PACs that then spend money to help get their chosen candidates elected. As long as the PACs and the campaigns have no direct contact things are, according to the Citizens United ruling, just fine.

But with these direct connections between the Scott campaign and the New Republican PAC that End Citizen’s United have brought forward it is hard to imagine that there is no direct contact between them.

Once more, just as in 1997 with Columbia/HCA, it appears that financial fraud accusation will be following Scott on the campaign trail.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more details about the organization.