Sergey Petrossov Has A Disruptive Vision For The Aviation Industry

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is hard at work changing the way people fly and getting more and more to switch over to flying private jets instead of commercial airlines. The man behind this is Sergey Petrossov, a man who managed to be the CEO of a billion-dollar company before he even reached the age of 30. His “unicorn” of a company employs around 300 people and this number keeps going up as they expand across the world to different locations and countries. While their headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the United States along with offices in Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Zurich, London, and Dubai. The company doesn’t own any jets themselves, but they have an extensive network of charter companies that they work with to provide flights to their customers.

Users can easily book a flight from their phone using the JetSmarter app. Whether they want to book an entire plane or just a seat on a shared charter, there are a lot of options available for their thousands of users who pay an annual fee for membership in order to use their services. While JetSmarter does offer flights, Sergey Petrossov has a bigger vision for the company and sees it as a potential lifestyle and travel community where users can meet and interact with people that have similar interests as them. Along with flights, they also offer several ground services as well already to provide an inclusive experience.

The entrepreneur has experienced a lot of success at an early age and he knows that there are issues that almost every business owner will face. Getting funding for a company may not be as easy as some people think and while it’s fairly simple to attract investors, it can be very difficult to deliver a proper pitch says Sergey Petrossov. You may have a great idea for a company, but if potential investors don’t trust in your ability to grow it, they will not be willing to put their capital or time on the line. The story of a company is important and you or someone you know must be able to tell it.