Sharon Prince and The Need For Talks

There are ways to make money from Climate change and the way that these companies intend to make revenue is by adopting different processes, such as trading in older processes for new ones. In some cases, it is by creating completely new initiatives that would lock down the capital they would need to survive the losses of changeover and adaption.

One thing that remains of note here is that the fossil fuel industry, which is generally projected to have the most significant losses due to the current changeover to environmentally practices, also reports estimated revenue of approximately $141 billion. This is unprecedented and seems quite likely, but the figures are still very much there in the report for everyone to see.

This has raised questions among some regarding the authenticity and the transparency of the findings that are shared in the report. These concerns are not only shared by the readers of the report, but also by CDP which has compiled the findings submitted to it by the participants of the findings.

The Initiative is the First of Its Kind

With that being said, this is the first time that large scale corporations have taken the initiative to assess the risks posed to them by climate change and the actions that they are taking to mitigate them.

The companies that joined the program to submit their findings included names such as Google’s parent firm Alphabet, global electronic conglomerate Hitachi, and large scale bank Banco Santander. Hailing from the U.S., Japan and Brazil, respectively, these organizations highlight the scale of participation by global organizations for the making of this report.

As such, Sharon Prince knows that the world needs to have more discussions, more forums and more expression. That is why she has worked on Grace Farms and keeps it vibrant and welcoming to a large community of people.

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