Sharon Prince Explains Why Your Vernacular Could Be A Problem

Do you know how to use your vernacular in the correct way to navigate the evolution of society in the 21st-century? Sharon Prince, the President of Grace Farms and its accompanying foundation has recently described how the way we speak could be tied to an outdated way of thinking and talking. The former head of the Icelandic 66 North clothing brand has explained how the path to gender equality is about more than just pay and should take in discussions about aspects of life.

Sharon Prince believes the most important aspects of our lives should include exercising our voices to back the causes we believe in. For most people, the voice they were born with is only used when our anger is raised and we lose all sense of the everyday life we are leading. Prince explains her belief that we should be looking for different ways of exercising our voices throughout each day, largely to keep ourselves fighting for our own rights and the rights of others.

To explain what she means by the changing face of society in the 21st-century, Sharon Prince pints to the everyday unhappiness caused by the decision of some in society to fail to use the correct words when discussing others.

Prince reports hearing those who identify as females referred to as “you guys” and married women called “Mrs.” For Sharn Prince, the only way women should be referred to as “Mrs.” is if a suitable word could be created to differentiate between single and married males.

Without using her voice on an everyday basis, Sharon Prince Grace Farms believes she will fail to have the same impact she has in other areas of her life as she will not command the respect her voice deserves.

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